Rosberg beats Hamilton an Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi grand Prix
Venue: Yas marina Circuit Dates: 27-29 November
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Nico Rosberg beat mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to win ns season-ending Abu Dhabi cool Prix.

The success was die German's third bei a row, giving er a an increase ahead von 2016 ~ Hamilton won die title last month with three races still to go.

Hamilton tried in off-set race strategie in in attempt kommen sie beat his team-mate but Rosberg had enough pace in hand.

Kimi Raikkonen finished third, his Ferrari team-mate sebastian Vettel taking fourth from 15th on the grid.


Hamilton then rolled die dice - he und engineer peter Bonnington decided to delay his 2nd stop zu enable er to run harder zum a shorter distance ~ above his final set of tyres.

The decision was based on Hamilton's inability kommen sie pass Rosberg wie man following closely behind bei the previous 2 races an Mexico und Brazil.

The idea was to allow Hamilton to oase fresher tyres than Rosberg weil das the close up door laps und therefore oase a better chance to overtake.

Hamilton asked Bonnington prior to his final stop whether it was worth trying notfall to avoid again and hold off Rosberg if he recorded him. However he was told it was a "gamble that i guarantee would notfall pay off".

Hamilton do his final stop on lap 41, und rejoined 11.5 secs behind his team-mate with 14 laps zu go.

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Hamilton said: "In hindsight, as soon as Nico pitted i probably would oase backed off and made the tyres go a last longer. Die tyres were fine at die end und I think i could have made castle last. Going lang was probably notfall the ideal thing zu do however we provided it a try und I did die best i could."

"It has been bei amazing year. I bei der happy. I in happy it ist over for sure."

Another Yas yachthafen fightback weil das Vettel

Raikkonen drive a regulated race to take third but the action weist Ferrari revolved roughly team-mate Vettel, who began 15th after the mannschaft had made in error in qualifying and miscalculated ns time needed to progress past the zuerst knock-out session.

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In a mirror of his fightback adhering to a pit lane anfang here bei 2012, however without the luck that had in that drive when he struggle a trackside sign und benefited indigenous a safety car, Vettel lost no time bei making up places.

He was quickly hoch into the top six and his race arisen into a battle with Perez, who had impressed von qualifying die Force India fourth.

Vettel emerged from his second pit protect against on lap 39 on die super-soft tyres about five seconds behind Perez and caught ns Mexican within 4 laps, seafaring past die Force India into Turn Nine quickly afterwards.

Red Bull's daniel Ricciardo finished 6th on a weekend wie it arised his team had lastly secured a deal weil das engines for next season - they will continue through Renault.

McLaren's Jenson taste took 13th, one ar down top top his qualifying position, when team-mate fernando Alonso had a torrid time on a weekend that had been dominated with speculation about die two-time champion's future.

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Alonso collided through Lotus's minister Maldonado at die start, pitted zum a neu front soup on lap one, then had kommen sie serve a drive-through penalty zum the touch.

He managed to catch und pass the Manor car but was a minute behind the rest des the field und midway through ns race come on the radio to say he would certainly retire ns car if over there was not a safety car kommen sie allow him to near up.

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He did not, though, und continued kommen sie the ende to finish 17th.

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Abu Dhabi gp coverage details

As fine as the race, Abu Dhabi celebrate it's 44th national Day following week
At one stage Alonso suggested retiring his mclaren as he was deswegen far behind
Romain Grosjean finished ninth an his final race zum Lotus