Formel 1 Bei Rtl 2021

Formula 1 has agreed in excllucidrhythms.comive and more lucrative TV attend to Sky deutschland that möchte run from 2021.

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The nachrichten comes after ~ free-to-air broadcaster rtl announced the it won"t hülle F1 after the ende of this season adhering to a run von 30 years.

Previolucidrhythms.comly, RTL and Sky had actually operated in parallel in the German market.

The new contract commits ns latter kommen sie showing 4 races zum free, if a 30-minute highlight nur will it is in shown in free-to-air channel skies Sport nachrichten HD.

Germany will deshalb have its erste dedicated 24/7 F1 channel, and there will be an ext social media content.

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The deal represents some hopeful fiscal news weil das the F1 organisation after that is 2020 income has been hit von the loss des race hosting fees, und potentially über reduced income from sponsors and broadcasters as die lack of races kicks in.

F1"s director von media legal rights Ian schlagen said: "F1 und Sky have enjoyed a long-standing relationship, working well together kommen sie enhance the broadcast offering über providing considerable coverage von the sport zum our passionate fan base.

"I am delighted the our work together möchte continue to build and strengthen die impressive quality des Sky"s programming, and their digital reach."

RTL"s intention to quit F1 and put a greater emphasis on football was officially confirmed on Sunday.

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The broadcaster has actually been involved in F1 due to the fact that 1991, die year that michael Schumacher made his debut.

It built in audience top top the rückseitig of ns multiple world champion"s success, und when that left, German attention switched to sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg.

However, rtl has shown that F1 no much longer works financially.

"The competition zum TV rights has actually changed," its managing director Jorg Graf noted on die company"s website. "The market has actually overheated in some cases and left ns very, yet economically jlucidrhythms.comtifiable framework that we schutz set ourselves.

"We are now going v all our strength und passion and on soccer as die number one TV sport and our recently got rights package."

Manfred Loppe, ns head des RTL sports, added: "We oase transmitted F1 over three years with great love und passion, as well as a willingness kommen sie innovate and invest.

"The greatest-reaching und most emotional, i can not forget moments von the alucidrhythms.comzeichnungen class in racing remain forever connected kommen sie RTL."



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