On Thursday, October 28th, 2021 hinweisen 09:30 am, the Forge des Empires Halloween occasion 2021 will start, this time with the theme Clown Town.During die 22 days, there will be 30 prompt quests plus 21 daily quests.

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In addition, over there are further mini-quests that tun können be activated via dolls, which are then uncovered as part des the integrated mini-game.It is about collecting tickets zum the Clown Town an order to get an ext children into it using their candles, torches, und lanterns.These lights möchte then it is in used kommen sie clear the fog bei the tent zu find the prizes surprise inside.At the anfang of the event, 120 tickets will be available.

The following 60 fahrkarte are given täglich for logging in.Then each of the 30 tasks an the taste quest series will provide one more 40 tickets, and the 21 jeden tag quests the follow wollen each provide 85 tickets.You can also buy tickets zum diamonds. Escape on die size of the package purchased, freundin pay 4 to 5 diamonds über ticket.Of course, die incidents in and around ns city so occasionally carry out tickets, mainly 5, v luck even 10 or 20.Finally, sie get 300 tickets zum completing die milestone after search 15 und 666 fahrkarte as a milestone reward ~ solving quest 40.Thus, the active player will receive 5,391 fahrkarte during ns event, to add those he gets from die incidents und the mini-quest series.These tickets are climate used in the event window.


Halloween event 2021 Mini Game

In the mini-game, a candle tun können illuminate a einzel square, a torch can clear entire columns and the lantern climate removes die fog approximately all adjacent squares.This zu sein how you uncover irradiate bulbs, dolls, portraits, und pumpkins.There space 4 new portraits, and all the avatars well-known from ns Halloween events of previous year can also be found.This ist ideal zum players who have only just started. You only ever discover avatars that freundin don’t already own.At die beginning, you zuerst get 7 candles, 3 torches und a lantern.You can exchange more of these three illuminants for the tickets you receive.Since the largest parcel offers die most for the price, it is advisable kommen sie always go zum it. Deshalb for 395 tickets you obtain a total von 20 candles, 8 torches and 8 lanterns.As you progress, it is worthwhile zu illuminate every little thing a wenig more carefully, as the aim ist not only zu collect the necessary number des light bulbs but also, if possible, all the dolls.Each doll enables you to anfang a mini-quest collection that gives further vital tickets.The dolls space obviously hidden several times in the maze, und the mini-quest series tun können be completed number of times.However, part dolls seem to be rarer zu find. It would certainly be an extremely helpful zu get the extra reward verbunden with perfect them.Players who space thinking around whether it zu sein worth making use of a candle zum each pumpkin or perhaps foregoing it bei favor des getting much more light bulbs and dolls need to be given die tip the the chance of win a an excellent prize, i.e. Ns respective täglich special, ist better die friendlier the pumpkin looks.

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Halloween occasion 2021 jeden tag Special

On the zuerst day von the event on die beta server, the täglich special was ns selection kit weil das the horror house, i.e. Ns previous year’s taste prize.On ns 16th day, this täglich special was offered again.But there is also the schwarze farbe Tower, ns Graveyard selection Kit, the Abandoned Asylum selection Kit, the Dark Doorway, und various towers v combat bonuses as well as ns related update kits.There really is something zum everyone.

Completing die Halloween occasion 2021

If freundin want kommen sie complete ns event in as little time together possible, freundin should first collect die dolls you find und then activate castle all punkt once.This gives you a totality series des additional tasks in one fell swoop, but they space often the same.

If, zum example, one task requires you zu use 30 create points, an additional 45 create points, and a third task 60 forge points, then all three jobs are perfect with die 60 forge points used. This considerably reduces die time required.Power players, on die other hand, möchte complete these mini-quests really early und thus get a entirety series of additional rewards, especially an ext illuminants kommen sie clear even much more fog und thus obtain even an ext rewards.The first 4 tasks des the mini-quests give one more 5 fahrkarte as a reward.The fifth und last job then each provides a special reward, together as die Jack O’Lantern Chapel, blueprints, medals, fragments von the graveyard upgrade kit, supply production accelerators, ns scarecrow, the haunted house, and the foolish scientist’s laboratory.For those who are playing since many years, it is a gewächs of stuff zum the neck dealer.New players like kommen sie use ns mini-quests kommen sie get items native previous years.Once all die mini-quests are completed, you get the collector’s reward.Besides Medina’s portrait, these space 30 candles, 10 torches und 10 lanterns. It ist worthwhile zu complete all die mini-quests once.You can find a sticker for the calendar once a day.If you find one more sticker on ns same day, sie only obtain one sticker fragment.You can put 5 of these pieces together to make a finish sticker. Sie get much more sticker pieces through the täglich challenges.You acquire a klein prize immediately zum each sticker sie put bei the calendar.

If sie put every 21 stickers bei the calendar, freundin get the calendar collector’s reward: 2 horror Circus selection kits, 200 create points, 100 goods and the Harlequin avatar.The light bulbs you find are then presented bei a progress riegel at die top von the occasion window. Zum every 20 bulbs sie find, sie get the next großartiger Prize.In die usual way, every second grand Prize zu sein a step towards the hauptsächlich prize des the event, bei this case, a an option kit zum the horror Circus.This zu sein a 5-piece building set, where each building can be upgraded individually kommen sie a better second level.The upgraded buildings provide far better returns.

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The upgrade ist irrelevant for the collection bonus. You kann mix buildings von different levels without any type of problems.So zuerst complete the set und then upgrade ns most crucial buildings. Also if an upgrade ist missing, it will not be a problem.You acquire a first selection kit weil das completing die 5th task and another one zum completing all 51 quests von this event.Further selection kits are then provided von the mini-game, wherein the zuerst Grand Prize und then every other grand Prize ist a choice kit.The main building, Helter Skelter, kann sein get 4 collection bonuses v its neighbors.A totally upgraded set weist level 2 then provides 11 build points, 25 goods, defense bonus and attack bonus for ns defending army, defense bonus for the attacking army, a long-term coin boost, medals, und coins. Two structures reduce happiness, 2 others rise it, which overcompensates that.In die annual occasion calendar, this ist the penultimate event.Surely no one wants to fehlschlagen it.