The time has kommen sie for every Hallows’ Eve, the time where you can"t be hinweisen ease.The ghost und demons von the night, will walk past freundin with much delight.Open ns Dark Doorway and enter, a world which will make freundin remember,the alt stories, when told and then forgotten, zum you kommen sie relive castle - oh in what schutz you yourself gotten?You möchte become a Witch sitting an her Haunted Tower,and seeking for might und power.You möchte become a Ghost Bride forgotten von her lover,being on in endless search und never it is in able to recover.You möchte become a wolfman howling to die moon,who wollen be fearing ns mere sight des a silver spoon.You will become a zombies who will never direkt on again,victim to die experiments bei the mad Scientist"s Lab.Those are the geschichte you will need to tell,until someone else releases you from the spell.​
Trick or treat!
Are freundin ready for the night des all nights? in this year"s Halloween Event, starting on ns 23rd des October, you wollen be guided über our Librarian through ns most spooky of all events! listen to the stories he has kommen sie tell und you wollen be awarded with a last as well.

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Go v our neu building, the Dark Doorway
, und dive into a welt full of witches, ghosts, werewolves und zombies, kommen sie be rewarded v old und new Halloween-themed buildings zum your city.

Dark Doorway

Residential3x3Produces coins and 3 build Points wie man motivated

Haunted Tower

Cultural3x3Since the last update, the includes ns addition des a supply rise ranging native 5% to 8% (depending ~ above era). Before, it was only giving happiness.

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Multi-Production4x4This building produces different outputs mattering top top which manufacturing length freundin set the to.We freshly increased die 24h items production calculation from 10 items to 15 goods, so increased ns output of coins, supplies und medals, slightly.

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You will also be able kommen sie get Graveyard choice Kits during the questline, which you can choose kommen sie upgrade a Graveyard you already have bei the city, or rather get the grundlegend building which kann be upgraded again.The Graveyard ist a cultural Building which kann be upgraded four times. From the Graveyard zu the alt Graveyard, to ns Ancient Graveyard, to die Legendary Graveyard, to die Monumental Graveyard and finally to ns Necropolis.


You will be able kommen sie work on solving all the Librarian"s pursuits until the 6th von November
. Great Luck!Let know, what sie think von this year"s Halloween Event. We"re feather forward zu your feedback!
Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!Yours,The Forge von Empires Team