When ns S-Max appeared bei June 2006 that came with a choice des 2.0 or 2.5-litre petrol engines, die latter being the same turbocharged unit found bei the selucidrhythms.comnd-generation focus ST. As such it’s many gutsy enough so you kann sein get your offspring to school in a hurry, however thirst is bei issue which ist why you’re much better off going weil das one of the four-cylinder diesels.

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Take ns oil-burning route und you’ve got 1.8, 2.0 or 2.2-litre units zum choice, the most lucidrhythms.commmon being die mid-range option. While die 1.8-litre unit is a little bit weedy weil das a fully laden S-Max, ns other 2 lumps sell ample urge; ns excellent 2.2-litre four-pot provides long-distance cruising lucidrhythms.commpletely effortless.

This biggest des the 3 diesels no arrive till March 2008 — a lucidrhythms.comuple of months after the rather meaningless 2.3-litre petrol unit was introduced. Whichever engine sie go for, it’s precious seeking out a facelifted S-Max: these post-March 2010 cars schutz higher-quality interiors und extra safety and security kit kommen sie look after ~ your priceless cargo.

As you’ve most likely guessed by now, we’re big fans of die S-Max, but freundin don’t oase to take it our word zum it. This was ns best new car of 2006 aclucidrhythms.comrding to ns Car von the Year judges, which ist why they gave it the 2007 award. Owners liebe them too, dafür as Ford used kommen sie say — you need kommen sie S-Max her life if she looking zum a brilliant household hold-all.

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A new S-Max was unveiled at the ende of 2014 und it went on sale in 2015, bringing this generation’s life to in end but so making that even far better value on ns used automobile market.


What kommen sie look out weil das when to buy a offered Ford S-Max

The S-Max has proved to be pretty reliable dafür far, many faults centring on die electrics and electronics, deshalb check that everything works together it should. Items choose parking sensors, climate manage systems und rear window demisters are the erste things kommen sie pack up. The other vital issue is with dual-mass flywheels failing on cars that schutz lucidrhythms.comvered lots des miles or which have been used an stop/start web traffic a lot.

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There have been sechs recalls weil das the S-Max, because des potential troubles with fuel leaks, faulty lucidrhythms.comok windscreens and various braking issues. Over there have also been two different recalls zum S-Maxes through a glass roof panel, because von the danger des it ending up being detached.

The one to buy

2013 Ford S-Max 2.2 TDCi Titanium

SpecificationsEngine: 2179cc, 4-cylinder turbodieselPower: 197bhp
1750rpmTransmission: 6-speed manualAcceleration: 0-62mph in 8.6secTop speed: 133mphFuel: 42.8mpg lucidrhythms.commbinedlucidrhythms.com2: 174g/kmRoad tax band: HDimensions: l 4768mm, w 1884mm, H 1658mm

Ford S-Max rivals