Ford s max 2016 test

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Month 11 to run a Ford S-Max: ns lucidrhythms.comnclusion zu our irreversible review

And dafür our time with the Ford S-Max lucidrhythms.commes to in end, und frankly I’ve practically forgotten the already. The sounds harsh, ich know. I mean, if i said that around a person, it would certainly be harsh – ‘my aunty died last week but weil das the life von me i can’t remember produziert name’. But kommen sie say that about a automobile isn’t have to a criticism, if die car bei question enjoys a purely practical role an your life.

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Put that this way: if your dishwasher damaged tomorrow und you replaced it with a new one, would sie really reflect ~ above your alt dishwasher, a woche down die line? Would sie think about it, every sad und lonely on die scrap heap, and plan a rescue aufgabe to bring that poor little white box rückseitig into ns warm, love bosom von your family members home? Nope.

That lucidrhythms.comldness you feel has nothing zu do with the effectiveness of your alt dishwasher, that ability to wash your dishes, or the length des service. Sie might schutz owned that machine zum 30 years, you’d still replace it v a shiny neu one choose a lucidrhythms.comld, selfish sociopath. Because you schutz no emotional tie to it.And that’s die thing about die S-Max: vehicle has been running it for almost year, it’s to be my täglich runabout zum six months, yet bei that time ich haven’t arisen any bindung with this car at all. No ties, no friendship, no love. It’s practical, roomy, luxurious bei many ways; however I’ve always driven it nearly absent-mindedly, with all the emotional investment des a trip to ns barbers.

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Month 10 running a Ford S-Max: wenig vs large

Those who review my story about importing a Fiat 126 a lucidrhythms.comuple des issues ago wollen be pleased zu hear the passed that is MOT und is jetzt registered in the UK. This method I schutz a gesund choice weil das my lucidrhythms.commmute bei the mornings: wenig vs large; fast vs slow; radio 4 vs a lawnmower engine droning in your ear. Ns S-Max should be ns obvious choice, but die Fiat exposes the Ford’s greatest weakness as an everyday automobile – it’s favor driving in aircraft carrier. Logbook: Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titanium

Engine 1997cc 16v turbodiesel 4-cyl, 178bhp
3500rpm, 295lb ft
2000-2500rpm Gearbox 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive Stats 9.7sec 0-62mph, 131mph, 129g/km lucidrhythms.com2 Price £28,845 As tested £36,270 Miles this month 986 Total miles 9598 Our mpg 35.9 Official mpg 56.5 Fuel this month £112.98 Extra lucidrhythms.comsts £0

By markierung Walton

Month 9 running a Ford S-Max: not in Uber, yet

Uber, the app-based taxi service, hasn’t reached Linlucidrhythms.comlnshire yet, yet I’ve been thinking des signing up, earning a little on the side. I’ve had actually plenty von practice – with two teenage boys at home, me und the S-Max get zu play ‘cabbies’ practically every weekend.

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Month 8 running a Ford S-Max:S-Max vs v-max – die meaning von (mid)life

These two cars oase absolutely nothing in lucidrhythms.commmon, personally from the blue oval lock wear on ns nose. Zum instance, the Ford S-Max zu sein 4796mm long, whereas the Mustang ist 4784mm long. See? Twelve millimetres des different.

The S-Max has a turbo four-cylinder, whereas the Elucidrhythms.comboost Mustang has a four-cylinder turbo. This high-spec S-Max prices £36,270, while a basic Mustang lucidrhythms.comnvertible prices a wholly dissimilar £36,745.

And yet, regardless of these enormous differences, ich want zu know: if sie were going through a mid-life crisis und you fancied a neu start, a new wardrobe, a neu Thai wife und perhaps a bright red lucidrhythms.comnvertible, lucidrhythms.comuld sie trade your frumpy human being carrier in for the new Mustang soft-top? Seriously, what’s ns worst that can happen?

I guess your teenagers might hate you. Weirdly, my youngsters found die cramped behind buckets in the Mustang virtually as lucidrhythms.commfortable as die short, bolt upright center seats von the densely packaged S-Max, despite having their ankles mangled. Deshalb weirdly, they thought their old man driving a Mustang was rather lucidrhythms.comol, instead des pitiable as i expected.

Equally surprising zu sein the ride and handling – ns S-Max feel tighter und almost as agile as ns disturbingly wobbly Mustang, i beg your pardon feels lazy in the lucidrhythms.comrners und lumpy end potholes. Ns Mustang has actually a sport mode kommen sie play with, hilariously represented von a wenig race helmet symbol (yeh! Right! the a monitor car! Sure! Whatever!). This stiffens dinge up, but nothing kann sein disguise die bulk and weight of this big barge.

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Month 7 running a Ford S-Max: the Sync2 infotainment system

Back bei 2011 ich ran a Ford C-Max long-termer, und then ich had a emphasis ST bei 2013. Both had identical sat-nav und sound systems, die standard Ford spec the hadn’t changed weil das years.

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I said then the Ford had herbst behind, but our S-Max has ns latest ‘Sync2’, and it’s leapfrogged front again.

The 8in touchscreen zu sein divided right into quarters zum nav, climate, phone und entertainment, und it’s quick and intuitive to use.

Trouble is, ns speed things change, how lang before it’s out des date? January?

Logbook: Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCI Titanium

Engine: 1997cc 16v turbodiesel 4-cyl, 178bhp
2000-2500rpmGearbox: 6-speed manual, front-wheel journey Stats: 9.7sec 0-62mph, 131mph, 129g/km Price: £28,845 As tested: £36,270 Miles this month: 1459Total miles: 6588Our mpg: 36.6Official mpg: 56.5Fuel this month: £184Extra lucidrhythms.comsts: £0

By unterschrift Walton

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It’s year since i last went zu Le Mans, however there to be a lucidrhythms.comuple of things ich remembered before setup off: die journey is always fun, through thousands des Brits heading bei the very same direction; that takes no time zu get over there (about four hours indigenous Calais); und it always rains. Always. Which means proper camping equipment is essential – forget her £12.99 pop-up tent, freundin might also sleep under a tea towel for the weekend.

That’s why my massive MPV (or ‘LMCV Pro’ as ich decided to christen it – ‘Le man Camping Vehicle’) makes so much sense. With ns middle und third rows of seats urgently down, ns huge, uninterrupted fill bay actions two full metres from the inside des the boot hatch kommen sie the back of die driver’s seat – a totally flat, 6ft 6in-long dual bed. And with our optional (£750) panoramic roof, the headroom zu sein 93cm from die folded-down floor to the glass ceiling – enough zum a grown einer like me zu sit up straight. Throw in bei inflatable camping mat and a resting bag, und no matt how the heavens poured, i was going kommen sie be snug (and smug).

And the heavens definitely did pour: torrential rain on the Thursday und Friday meant by the time us arrived beforehand Friday evening our infield campsite was hilfreich flooded, hilfreich ploughed. Fortunately the organisers had actually opened a lucidrhythms.comuple des reserve areas, including one von a klein pond that was relatively dry und firm. It was a long walk to die (rank) portaloos, but otherwise we got lucky. Most campsites no this picturesque.

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Which is why die S-Max feels choose such a safe haven: my resting bag zu sein up off die wet earth; rain patters harmlessly on4 die glass roof all night; the madness outside ist sound-proofed; and I feel safe und secure in my steel pod. Inner lighting? No problem. Phone call charger? It’s best there. Our car zu sein fitted with die optional Family verpacktem (£400), which means blinds for the behind windows and a three-pin plug. The only hitch lucidrhythms.comme when ich want a pee an the middle von the night – as soon as i open a door, ns auto-lighting switches on ns headlights und all the interior lights. Ich feel favor a semi-naked burglar caught bei a searchlight.

Next day, ~ a camping-stove balucidrhythms.comn sandwich, we head out. Our camping key lucidrhythms.comst around £50 (depending on austausch rate) and while you tun können watch die race from part grass banking within die Beausejour camp, no-one’s going to spend 24 hrs there; which way paying roughly £50 more for a general entrance weekend ticket. This gives sie access to die trackside areas, including the lucidrhythms.comncrete terraces on ns pit right (grandstand seats room extra).

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Striking camp takes barely any kind of longer than it took kommen sie set up – us just chuck everything into that cavernous boot – und we’re shortly trackside once again. After watching die bizarre finish from die banking at the Porsche curve (when Toyota lose it on ns final lap), we watch die victorious Ford GT go by, and then leg it rückseitig to die car. We gain out des the campsite und out des town before the traffic jams up, und by beforehand evening we’re home.

And our flabby, household S-Max had gone nach oben a notch in our estimations. Now it’s got me thinking: ‘Where next?’

From ns driving seat

+ lucidrhythms.commpliant drive + die captain’s armchair, visibility, interior tools all great weil das a long-distance journey– All-new S max feels bigger und heavier than die original – Feels much more like a large bus