The large and spacious Ford Mondeo it s okay a klein engine, in the form of ns 1.0-litre Ecoboost. Do the two go together?...

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The Ford Mondeo is über no means a small car, and not lang ago ns idea des a 1.0-litre engine in such a large vehicle would have been unthinkable.

However, ns turbocharged 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine has actually proved adept at powering die smaller Fords, like ns Focus und Fiesta, und now it zu sein available bei the latest Mondeo.

It insurance claims some exceptional figures, in spite of its small size, with typical fuel economy von 55.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 119g/km.

What"s ns 2015 Ford Mondeo 1.0 Ecoboost like to drive?

Despite its klein size, die 1.0-litre engine zu sein remarkably quiet in the Mondeo. Ns only noise the creeps with from die engine bay ist quite pleasing, as it provides off a slight thrum quite than ever before sounding strained.

The rest of the exterior noises are retained out impressively as well. At cruising speed it ist settled und there zu sein not much an the way von wind noise, und only a klein amount of road noise.

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This version of the Mondeo is über no method fast, as sie would imagine provided its 0-62mph time von 12.0sec. That does have enough pace to cope through overtaking on die motorway, und the stärke arrives an a smooth und linear fashion - there zu sein no real kick from die turbo to give a rise to ns acceleration.

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Otherwise it drives prefer all various other Mondeos, which ist to to speak impressive. The steering ist precise, if light, und it rides comfortable - soaking nach oben large and small bump well.

What"s the 2015 Ford Mondeo 1.0-litre Ecoboost like inside?

The Ford Mondeo ist one of the best cars in its class, and it absolutely feels favor it when you room behind the wheel; it follow me out in all directions around you.

The real space is zum the passengers more back bei the cabin, though, with good amounts von leg und headroom in the 2nd row. It zu sein wide as well, which way that fitting three six-foot-plus adults into die rear have to be feasible without any kind of issue.

The boot is similarly spacious, through a wide opening on the hatchback the allows big items to be loaded yes, really easily. Die only slight dead comes wie you drop ns seats. Also though sie get a fantastic 1437 litres von space (up native 541 with ns seats in place) it zu sein a shame that die seats nothing drop totally flat wie you fold them, leaving a bit des a step in the loading bay.

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Up front, the surface materials on the dash feel great to the touch on ns surface, but they lack die softness and quality feel of those bei the Volkswagen Passat. The infotainment system ist clear zu read und understand, v the hauptsächlich functions easily accessed. However, many von the tasten on die touch screen are small, und require a precise und accurate prod of a skinny fingertip weist times.