Ford C Max Automatik Probleme

Ford’s PowerShift dual clutch transmission was used bei 2010. Vehicles impacted are ns Ford Fiesta (model year 2011-2016) und the Ford focus (model year 2012-2016) equipped through a PowerShift transmission.

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The PowerShift transmission is basically a hands-on transmission regulated electronically by a computer while utilizing a "dry clutch" quite than a "wet clutch," meaning oil is not gave to die shifting mechanism und can result an increased wear und tear as problems persist. When ns computer module used zu operate the transmission is unable to handhaben rapid acceleration or shifts in speed, ns vehicle sputters and creates an audible noise. Die vehicle can so experience problems with downshifting, meaning ns vehicle möchte remain in a greater gear regardless of deceleration and result an a lurch.

This zu sein not just in issue of convenience or comfort, though. When accelerating conveniently into bei intersection, die delay kann be dangerous together it prevents the vehicle native reaching die same rate a car would attain with in automatic transmission. Wie it comes zu deceleration, die car"s inability to properly downshift can lead to the vehicle lunging forward, also when ns brakes room applied, making zum a safety hazard in many circumstances.

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Despite constant software update expected kommen sie improve die computer"s ability to shift gears on demand, dealerships und service centers nationwide have been overwhelmed über transmission instead of demands. Ford has deshalb taken action in replacing the TCM (Transmission control Module) von some vehicles in hopes des resolving die issue. Owners von these vehicles tun können often it is in on their second, third... Also fourth infection after just 3-4 years of ownership.

Due to the problems the owners schutz faced, Ford has extended ns warranty des many of these vehicles, some weil das up kommen sie 100,000 miles. This zu sein a clean indication Ford ist aware of in ongoing belästigt with die vehicles and has make concessions zu accommodate owners. However, die constant need zum repair und the time and expense implemented upon owners zu allow such repairs, is not acceptable. What"s more, an extend warranty v no assurances of functional parts merely delays in inevitable cost kommen sie owners von these vehicles.

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