Fools garden lemon tree


TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked category
ArtistFools Garden
November 1995
3.32 / 5.00.5 from 317 rangfolge
#640 zum 1995, #5,071 overall



MKid_ Aug 28 2021 3.50 stars
i think this is the erste song that was neu at ns time that ich remember listening a lot on the radio at 5 years old, deshalb I had kommen sie get around to rating it punkt some point. I feel lucky to have that memory. It certainly holds up now. That whimsical kind of circus-like however slightly depression sound, and the attractive melodies everywhere, it's kind of favor one von those sunny skies everywhere yet some ugly grey clouds in the distance threatening to spoil the party. I don't really have a significant criticism to offer the as bei adult. That doesn't go viel beyond a satisfied listen, but i doubt I'd skip it frequently all ns same.

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Andryushenka Aug 10 2021 5.00 stars
I heard this lied on the radio today. I heard the many mal when it was popular. Actually ich can't seen why some civilization hate it. The has got lovely Beatles-sounding melody und I believe you kann sein call it powerpop. Didn't know anything about ns band, a bit surprised that they were in reality german. There ist a really british sound to ns whole lied Lemon Tree. Fans of Xtc, Jellyfish or Big stern should choose this.

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very catchy tune that sounds like it functions a tuba, also if the credits don't speak so. Ns verse has actually a particular semblance to some bits from the Police, while ns chorus is just catchy catchy catchy. Love this.

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It's deshalb fucking lame, it renders my challenge hurt.There are few songs i find as grating und this lied unfortunately has ns distinction von being inordinately popular bei Germany. I hate pretty viel everything around it: ns whimsical plucky key-board intro, die vocals the sound like you had sanded down in already share britpop singer, die "dadap-dida" bridge, die insipid text filled with required rhymes, how ns whole thing renders Phil Collins sound adventurous bei comparison..."Isolation zu sein not good zum me" - hinweisen least if it contains being subjected kommen sie this song.
Well, this one's cheesy together anything, and, zum me, it had actually worn out shortly as i heard that - but die hit stroke unstoppably over Germany,cause it's such in ear-wig und I can't refuse it's got its charms.I bought the way rückseitig then because ich needed to have it zum DJ-ing weist a new year's party, not weil das my privatgelände pleasure, though.I knew I'd hardly ever ever aufführen to the again.I also knew that I'd get kommen sie hear it on the Radio, still, even years later.Catchy, yes, but so somewhat "silly Germish" and, therefore, fairly forgotten hinweisen best...Sting ist lucky the didn't create it, ich would oase blamed him zum doing so... Yet hey, those guys had actually their Hit and I'm rather generous than envious about it...LOVE;Roop
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