Flughafen Dresden Online Check In

Services involving nur about everything: you kann sein obtain some important information about your remain at dresden Airport below – und about the dienstleistungen available to passengers and visitors. If you oase any other questions, please do notfall hesitate zu contact us.

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If any luggage item are lacking or you find that they room damaged, please get in touch with the relevant contact partner:

You wollen find die cash machinesfrom die Eastern sachsen Sparkasse bank und Postbank on the arrivals level bei the airport’s terminal building.

To ensure that your journey zu sein absolutely smooth, we would ask you to take klasse of die current rule related zu transporting luggage, health and wellness recommendations and the relevant customs und entry regulations. You re welcome remember kommen sie bring all the necessary records with you.

Each passenger has kommen sie check in before departure. Please follow die “Check-in” indicators at dresden Airport.

Please come at die check-in desk in good time. You kann sein discover your an accurate check-in time native your travel agent or your airline.

Checking in takes place at die airline’s desk or through ns handling companies, FSG Flughafenservice die gesellschaft mbH or plane Services dresden GmbH (ASD). There zu sein a separate check-in desk weil das each flight. The monitor above each check-in workdesk shows the appropriate airline, ns flight number, ns destination von the flight und the planned take-off time.



Make use von the practically opportunity to check-in online, listed that her airline uses this service.

Please grad the entry and customs regulations zum your destination – ns Foreign to adjust provides die info about them zum German citizens.

Before you fly, please so find out around any possible surcharge the your airline might request if freundin wish zu take an ext than die baggage pin money or oase any bulky luggage with you.

After checking in, you should do your way to ns security inspect area. Checks take ar here to ensure that freundin are notfall carrying any kind of dangerous items. In x-ray machine screens your hand luggage. This walk not oase any negativ effect on the way the mobile phones, laptops, camera or films work.

Evening-before check-in

Please discover out indigenous your reise operator or your airline whether this service is available und whether any type of fees room charged and how much they are.

The evening-before check-in desks are separately marked in the check-in area.

To examine in, you need her passport/ID card and your airline ticket/booking number.

If freundin are travelling through others, freundin must present ns ticket and identification documents von those taking ns trip with you. Wie handing end luggage, you möchte receive the luggage receipt und the boarding card zum you and those travelling through you.

How freundin benefit: your seat is already reserved. You can arrive at ns airport in comfort up to 60 minute before her departure and go right to ns passenger security examine area.

Contact details:
Mon. – Fri., Sun. 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.Sat. 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. (for every flights departing up zu 9:30 a.m.)
Evening-before check-in

Self Check-In

Machines are available for you zu check yourself in when flying through Aeroflot, Eurowings, KLM, Lufthansa und SWISS – normally beginning 24 hours prior to your flight takes off. The machines run round ns clock und are located under the large display board on ns departures level. You need your credit card, identifier card/passport, booking password or regular flyer card for identification purposes.

Online check-in, chair reservation

You can select your seat online zum many flights and print your boarding card yourself. Please klasse that die airlines carry out this service und Dresden Airport has actually no affect on it.

You can then hand an your luggage hinweisen your airline’s “drop-off” desk.


You can receive info about what freundin need to consider wie leaving Germany und when returning to Germany ~ above thewebsite von the German custom-mades service: What borders are over there on values and quantities? Which goods may only be imported in restricted amounts or not at all? How viel are the possible dues if die import limit is exceeded?

Contact details:
Border police
+49 (0) 351 881-1600

Contact details:
Customs office
+49 (0) 351 881-5700

Deposited tickets

Customers kann sein pick up tickets from the following offices in the terminal at dresden Airport, even weil das trips booked punkt short notice:

Contact details:
Representative office: airplane Service dresden (ASD)Tour operator: BigXtra, FTI Touristik, 5vorFlug, LAL Sprachreisen GmbH
+49 (0) 351 881-4091

Contact details:
Representative office: der Touristik FlughafenserviceTour operator: ITS, Jahn Reisen, Travelix, ns Tour, ETI, ITT, LMX Reisen, Meier's Weltreisen, ausgezeichnet Tours, Schauinsland reise (SLR), Aida Cruises
+49 (0) 351 881-4770




Our airport information department uses numerous service to make your stay at dresden Airport as pleasant as possible:

Ticket sales zum the local fahrzeug network (S-Bahn, bus, tram)Arranging taxi und chauffeur servicesSelling souvenirsStoring und keeping itemsA shed & found officeBooking guided tours of the airport
Contact details:
Airport info deskArrivals level in the terminal
5:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. Daily

Left luggage lockers



There ist a locker system bei the multi-storey car park on level 00 near die entrance area. You tun können rent and use ns left luggage lockers zum up kommen sie 24 hours von paying a fee.

12 lockers measure 85 x 35 ns 62 cm (EUR 3)2 lockers measure 85 x 35 ns 45 cm (EUR 2)1 lose measuring 85 x 35 x 95 (EUR 4)
Small lockerMedium lockerLarge locker
Usage for up kommen sie 24 hours (maximum rental period)EUR 2EUR 3EUR 4
Excess period bolzen 24 and 72 hoursEUR 4EUR 6EUR 8
Emergency opening after an ext than 72 hoursEUR 15EUR 15EUR 15
Emergency opened if ticket lostEUR 30EUR 30EUR 30

Lost & discovered office



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You wollen find the lost & found office at dresden Airport at the airport information desk on the arrivals level bei the terminal. It is only responsible zum items that have been found in the terminal or outside ns buildings. If sie lose your luggage or items an planes, please contact the relevant airline.

Contact details:
Flughafen DresdenFlughafen-InformationWilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 101109 Dresden
7 a.m. – 10.30 p.m. Daily

Information zum those who discover items: the finder’s reward is based on die statutory regulations.

Information for owners/those picking up items: If you have to report the something has actually been lost, you re welcome contact ns airport info desk an person, on the phone or send in e-mail. Any lost item are kept at die lost & discovered office there. You re welcome bring in identity card with a photo wie picking up ns lost item. If other people pick up the lost item, lock must existing a power des attorney from ns owner.


Airport Lounge


If you are a VIP or a unternehmen passenger, you kann use a separate lounge weil das up zu 20 human being at dresden Airport. Die lounge is located on die arrivals level.You tun können reach your exit gate conveniently native here, together it is only a very short street away. Screens in the lounge inform freundin about the status von your flight. As a guest bei the plane Lounge, you kann enjoy a large range des non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, in open buffet v hot and cold food und many snacks. An addition to a broad selection of media items, newspapers, magazines, TV channels are deshalb available. You kann sein use ns lounge together a passenger, regardless of which airline sie are utilizing or ns booking class.

More information:

Fee regulation General Aviation - Services und Facilities

Contact details:
Monika SchwertfegerTraffic Manager

Lufthansa lounges

Unfortunately Lufthansa hasclosed theSenator and Business Lounges at dresden Airport.



Please uncover out about thebaggage allowancebefore you start your journey through your airline, exactly how much zu sein charged forexcess baggageand the maximum dimensions weil das anyhand luggage. You kann use die luggage frame kommen sie check whether your hand luggage has die right dimensions at the check-in area in the terminal at dresden Airport.

Security regulations for hand luggage and hold baggage You can obtain detailed info about prohibited item on board flights and instructions around taking liquids in your hand luggage indigenous your travel agent, your airline or from die following websites:

Summary von prohibited items in luggage und hand luggage Security regulations zum hand luggage Travel info from the German border policeWebsite von the German inner Ministry

Mobile in spite of your disability


Dresden Airport is designed deshalb that disabled people kann move roughly without any type of difficulty. Toilets, lifts, phones, shops und eateries all oase easy access.

Passengers with restricted mobility or a disability can obtain assistance from ns PRM leistungen provided by the plane fire brigade. The support service, which gives assistance weil das incapacitated world on behalf des the airlines, helps them on ns way to und from die aircraft, when checking bei their luggage und for passport and customs checks.

Please notify your airline or your travel agent when you make her booking that sie would like kommen sie use the support dienstleistungen at dresden Airport.

Arriving at die airport

By train: You kann sein directly reach ns check-in area from the station platform von using the lift (to ns 1stfloor).

By bus: The bus stops for bus services 77 and 80 space located bei front von the entrance area to the terminal.

By car: Use ns Dresden-Flughafen departure on ns A4 motorway. Ns address for your navigation system is: Wilhelmine-Reichard-Ring 1, 01109 Dresden.


The following uses if you oase a one-of-a-kind parking permit bei the form of a blue eu parking argorial (only for severely disabled world with the special aG or BI markers):

Multi-storey car park / P3 car park

You will find designated disabled parking spaces zum people with restricted mobility, who oase a one-of-a-kind parking permit, top top level 3 an our multi-storey vehicle park. People with a distinct parking permit (blue eu badge) kann sein use these parking spaces bei the multi-storey car park free des charge.

There are various other specially designated parking spaces zum you at ns P3 car park.

If you use a parking space in the multi-storey automobile par or hinweisen theP3 auto park, us recommend that you proceed as follows:

Please take it a parking ticket at the entrance barrier wie you journey into ns multi-storey auto park/P3 auto park.Park your vehicle punkt one of the designated parking spaces.When sie leave dresden Airport, you re welcome report to the Parking dienstleistungen Center bei the multi-storey car park or in the administration building next kommen sie P3. As soon as you show your blue europäische union parking badge and your enntrance gate ticket, you möchte receive a cost-free exit ticket the you tun können insert in the ticket device at ns exit barrier wie man you journey out.

Short-term parking If you only want kommen sie visit us for a quick time, please use die marked parking spaces bei the pick-up and drop-off lane directly in front des the terminal. Please ar your blue eu parking badge weil das disabled human being next to ns windscreen deswegen that it is clearly visible.


when handing an your luggage und checking in;during security and passport checks;when do your means to ns gate und preferential boarding on ns plane.

If you would like to take your electrical wheelchair through you, it should be stored bei the organize as bulky luggage. It ist therefore necessary zum you to change into a urgent wheelchair zum the trip to die gate. You wollen then board the plane in a distinct wheelchair. If you arrive an a manual wheelchair, adjust into die special wheelchair nur before you board the plane. Her wheelchair will then be stowed in the cargo hold.

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Met an or at die planeSupport through entry formalitiesAccepting her luggageAccompanying you zu your loved ones or your means of transportDiscounted parking rates

Please take a parking ticket wie you drive into the parking area or the multi-storey car park. After your return flight, her parking ticket will be activated von the employee at die Parking dienstleistungen Center bei the multi-storey car park or an the management building at die P3 car park if you nur your europe parking badge zum disabled people.