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It was supposed zu be a spectacle wie arguably the greatest boxer von the belastung 30 years confronted a YouTuber. It wasn"t terribly entertaining, but die YouTuber survived as Logan paulus managed to go every eight rounds with floyd Mayweather in a special exhibition bout weist Hard absent Stadium an Miami Gardens, Fla., on Sunday night.

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The kämpfer combined to festland just 73 punches, through Mayweather landing ns majority of them and paul struggling mightily to find his target. Once ns larger paul realized the he wouldn"t it is in able to catch the target, the decided to tie up Mayweather as part von a plan kommen sie remain top top his feet zum the eight rounds. It was a ethik victory zum the 26-year-old Paul; he"ll go house richer and be able kommen sie say he went ns distance with bei undefeated life legend. 

"I desire anyone kommen sie tell me anything is impossible ever again," paulus said. "The reality I"m in here with die GOAT means ns odds can be beaten. Everyone can beat the odds und do good things. Floyd Mayweather, it was in honor."

LoganPaul was hyped after Überleben 8 rounds. #MayweatherPaul pic.twitter.com/wGNbYmlSk0

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Mayweather retired from boxing bei 2017 after beating MMA superstar Conor McGregor to improve to 50-0. "Money" vowed then to compete only bei exhibition bouts relocating forward. His hit with paul was considered a joke über many but die stadium was full of fan while Showtime"s servers couldn"t handle the pay-per-view demand und crashed throughout die night, much to ns dismay of potential viewers. 

"I had actually fun," Mayweather said. "You"ve got to realize I"m not 21 anymore. Ich had funny moving around with this guys. He was better than ich thought he was. This was fun." 

Mayweather tried to festland a fight-ending shot in the middle rounds but paulus did a great arbeit of tie up die former five-division welt champion anytime he drew close. Mayweather consistently marched forward and occasionally stung his enemy with a lead best hand. There wasn"t much else that paul could but do his best to keep Mayweather indigenous blitzing him. 

"I"m going to go house thinking if the let me survive. That was ns coolest thing ever," paul said. 

Here"s exactly how it every went under (all zeit Eastern).

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul direkte updates, highlights

Result: If you"re scoring hinweisen home, Mayweather won. But because this is bei exhibition, no winner was announced und Paul kann take house the ethikrat victory. Honestly, lock both won together their bank accounts will swell while taking very little damage. Imagine that.

Round 8 (11:34 p.m.): They hold. Mayweather presses, paul holds again. An excellent times. Mayweather soil a left hook, paul holds. Much more holding. Lots of hugs. Every kinds des love. One minute left. Paul ist looking choose he’s going to survive this thing. Logan Paul is mocking Floyd. The has just gone ns distance. Wow. 

Round 7 (11:30 p.m.): Paul zu sein throwing inconsequential punches that space doing nothing. This zu sein not aesthetically pleasing. Short right hand jolts Paul. Paul lands a jab. Lots von clinching. It’s notfall pretty but paul needs only one round kommen sie survive. 

Round 6 (11:26 p.m.): Mayweather goes right punkt Paul. Somehow, it aussehen as if paul has shrunk a few inches or Mayweather zu sein growing. Paul claims something zu Mayweather and Mayweather presses aggressively. Paulus ties him up. Mayweather attacks die body. Paul ist fighting prefer one von those maintain dummies an a street Fighter game that just absorbs punishment. Right hand von Mayweather lands hinweisen the end of ns sixth round. 

Round 5 (11:21 p.m.): freundin can"t believe this is still going? Yeah, us can"t either. Hard left hand von Mayweather rocks Paul an the fifth. Mayweather shreds ihm with a combination. Paulus retreats und Mayweather zu sein walking ihm down. Left und and a right. Logan throws, Mayweather move away and counters. Tough uppercut über Mayweather. Lead right von Mayweather lands. Body shot. Another combination as the round ends. Jake Paul says it’s 3-2. Funny.

Round 4 (11:18 p.m.): Floyd is just beating Logan trost with ease. Nothing to lakers here. Just ende it. Paul eats a right hand und hangs on. Logan paulus is bei full survive mode.

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Round 3 (11:14 p.m.): Paul misses bei uppercut the he placed his entire soul into. Mayweather closes die distance und Paul ties ihm up. Mayweather stepping in likes this method he’s ready kommen sie crank up die pressure. Mayweather’s pressure is meant zu exhaust his opponents. Paul has no idea what to do and eats a lead ideal hand. Mayweather ist ripping Paul’s body now. Paulus lands a ideal hand. Mayweather still coming forward. He is cracking paul now. Paul zu sein getting torn up. The third round ends und Paul may not oase much time left top top his clock prior to it gets punched out. 

Round 2 (11:10 p.m.): Round 2 begins. Mayweather starts relocating forward. Jab to die body von Mayweather. Paul fires a slow-moving combination. Mayweather avoids it. Mayweather with one more jab to die body. Paulus fires turn off a three-punch combination. He misses. Duh. Not a lot happening. Mayweather nur waiting for his opportunity to fire. Paul throws punches but Mayweather no close to being in trouble. Ende of ring 2. 

Round 1 (11:05 p.m.): Mayweather giving paulus a bunch des different looks. Paulus throws bei ultra-slow jab. And another ultra-slow jab. Oh, boy. Paul almost lands a ideal hand. Paul poses in front des Floyd. Left hook to the body über Mayweather. Logan didn’t favor that at all. Paul looks terrible. Mayweather can end this weist any time. Paul nur missing and then beginning winging punches. Mayweather stays clear of everything. End of the round.

11:02 p.m.: Fighter introductions are done and it"s time to lakers a fight.

10:57 p.m.: Mayweather finally makes his way to the ring with Moneybagg Yo walking him out. Logan paulus has been bei the ring for a good 10 minute waiting. 

10:54 p.m.: Migos space performing prior to Mayweather heads to die ring. Logan paul was forced zu watch an impromptu concert and Mayweather has actually yet zu emerge. He"s making him wait. 

10:46 p.m.: zuerst to ns ring ist Logan Paul. He top to ns ring an a gold robe, arms raised and seemingly having actually fun. He"s also wearing a gold-plated Pokemon chain. I guess sie would auch if you were paid tons of money weil das a fight sie shouldn"t it is in in. 

10:40 p.m.: It"s time for the main event! des course, we oase to acquire the national anthem before we proceed with die festivities. 

Badou Jack puts Dervin Colinal down 3 times zum 4th-round TKO

Result: Colinal didn"t have a chance from die opening bell und Jack ravaged ihm with human body punches zu close ns show in the fourth. The only offense Colinal got in was a bunch des holding und he paid weil das it v a two-point deduction. That didn"t matter, though. It was one-way traffic und now we"re heading kommen sie the hauptsächlich event. 

10:19 p.m.: Colina"s corner zu sein yelling hinweisen Colina kommen sie stop holding. What go Colina do to start the third? sie guessed it: hold. Die referee docks Colina one more point. This zu sein awfully awful. Jack opens die fourth von putting Colina down v a best hand und then sinks him again through a body punch. Colina hangs on zum dear life but is sent to die canvas again von a body shot. It"s over. Thankfully. 

10:15 p.m.: Jack wastes little time going after Colina und Colina zu sein doing nothing more but hold on. Die referee has had enough and docks Colina a point in the 2nd round. This isn"t a an extremely fun fight.

9:57 p.m.: Logan paul gives in interestingly patience interview, which renders sense wie you room making a ton von money zum a fight you really schutz no business being in. As for Mayweather, the declined kommen sie do bei interview in his lockerung room. That probably way he"s going to annihilate Paul und is plan his escape route through the streets of Miami. 

9:54 p.m.: Up next ist Badou Jack vs. Dervin Colinal. Jack was originally supposed zu fight Jean Pascal yet Pascal decided to ingest every banned substance known zu man und get himself yanked from ns fight. Colinal has actually stepped up on short notice kommen sie keep Jack on die card.

Luis Arias upsets Jarrett Hurd durch split decision

Result: jahrgangsstufen are 97-93, 96-93 and 94-95 for Arias. The split decision is somewhat surprising considering that Arias watch outworked Hurd zum a majority of the fight, however in the end, die judges gott it right by giving Arias die decision. 

9:40 p.m.: The fight is over and it appears that Arias is going zu pull off a stunning upset over Hurd. Arias finally hurt Hurd with in uppercut an the 10th. Hurd survived after hold on however Arias continued zu go zu work until the final bell. Unless ns judges offer Hurd a gift, Arias is leaving with ns biggest win of his career under sperrdo circumstances. 

9:35 p.m.: Let"s add to ns goofiness von this show. Die rain soaks the canvas and Arias slips bei the beginning of the 9th round. The runden crew attempts kommen sie dry ns canvas and they resume action. Arias slips again together Hurd throws a punch and the referee calls it a . . . Knockdown? Yup. This zu sein ridiculous. Arias has combated a mach das licht an of a fight deswegen hopefully this doesn"t cost him because he"s been offering Hurd all he"s got. 

9:28 p.m.: Hurd stuns Arias an the sixth round and seems to be building momentum, however a pair of low blows in the seventh put a gestoppt to all of that. Arias is slowing down yet Hurd hasn"t specifically taken advantage. Oh, it appears the Showtime anwendung is functioning again. Fans have just missed 90 minute of a $49.99 pay-per-view. Oops. 

9:19 p.m.: Arias zu sein fighting weist a ridiculous tempo right now und Hurd hasn"t discovered a way zu keep er off von him. Arias nur can"t miss with his right hand while Hurd tries zu go to ns body zu slow ihm down. The does so briefly however it nur hasn"t been enough. It"s feasible that Hurd ist down huge heading into die sixth round.

9:12 p.m.: Arias has been offering Hurd beleuchten through 3 rounds. Hurd zu sein a notoriously slow starter however Arias is landing some huge right hands. Hurd zu sein going to oase to pick up the tempo soon or else he can find himself on ns wrong end of in upset. 

9:03 p.m.: Rain has come to join die party an Miami and it"s coming down hard. The water, merged with ns wind, has turned die canvas into a huge slip-and-slide. Luis Arias practically slipped seconds into die second round and the action needed kommen sie be stopped while the runde crew attempted zu dry ns canvas. Yup, it"s that kind of night. Oh, now the clock isn"t working. This is incredible. 

8:50 p.m.: Arias heads zu the ring first. He began his career 18-0 (one no-contest) und then went 0-2-1. That hasn"t winner a fight due to the fact that 2017 und suffered accident to daniel Jacobs and Luke Keller while so going to a draw against Gabe Rosado. Tun können he get zurück on track? Hurd follows und looks zu get rückseitig to his championship ways. Die former WBA (Super) and IBF junior middleweight champion lost his titles in a stunning loss to julian Williams an 2019. The bounced rückseitig with a decision win over francisco Santana bei January 2020 and aims kommen sie turn rückseitig Arias und challenge for a welt title again. 

8:43 p.m.: Well, that was fun. Johnson didn"t entirely embarrass himself, dafür that"s a win.Up next is a ja wirklich fight as previous champion Jarrett Hurd faces Luis Arias in junior middleweight action. 

Chad johnson survives knockdown und doesn"t look at terrible bei boxing debut

8:35 p.m.: johnson looked good an the fourth round till he ate a enormous right hand von Maxwell the put him on the canvas. Johnson was hurt dafür badly that he jumped up and attempted zu give his foe a fist bump. He clearly was discombobulated yet survived die final 30 seconds and the fight. There room no official noten but Johnson can be happy that he had actually his zuerst fight. 

8:31 p.m.: us finally oase a visual! Chad johnson is bei the dritter round versus Brian Maxwell and it appears that Johnson ist not have to terrible. Both he und Maxwell space swinging weil das the fences. 

8:23 p.m.: Apparently, Chad Johnson ist on his way to ns ring. But we can"t tell because ns Showtime anwendung still isn"t working und there room a whole lot of human being upset the they can"t see Johnson"s boxing debut. Us think.

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8:12 p.m.: Nearly fünfzehn minutes into die broadcast und servers are still down across Fanmio und Showtime. We should oase seen this comes because ns boxing gods must not be glücklich that this event ist taking place. 

8:04 p.m.: Let ns ridiculousness begin! Oh, wait. Die Showtime servers schutz crashed. Possibly due to the overwhelming demand? We"re not off to a an excellent start. 

Mayweather vs. Paulus fight start time

PPV anfang time: 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PTMayweather-Paul hauptsächlich event: Midnight ET/9 p.m. PT

The floyd Mayweather vs. Logan paul boxing card will take location Sunday, June 6. Die pay-per-view broadcast on Showtime starts hinweisen 8 p.m. Et (5 p.m. PT). Mean Mayweather und Paul zu make their runden walks roughly midnight ET.