Florian silbereisen helene fischer 2021

With pop stern Helene fischer everything is going according zu plan, even ns timing of produziert pregnancy.

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Helene fischer is pregnant. – Keystone


the essentials bei short

Helene fischer confirmed herstellung pregnancy on instagram on Saturday. You and Thomas Seitel möchte be parents in the spring. It is not just a wanted child, but deshalb a prophecy.

“I feeling great.” Schlager superstar Helene fischer (37) confirmed her pregnancy on Saturday! According kommen sie insiders, ns beautiful singer would certainly be four months pregnant. Follow to ns “Bild am Sonntag”, ns baby bump is already visible.

since then, Helene fischer has been in a connection with her tightrope walker schneidbrett Seitel. – Keystone

The companion von the tightrope walker schneidbrett Seitel (36) is enthusiastic: “I kann proudly say: i can’t wait for the time zu come.” pregnant is in “overwhelming und unique feeling”.

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The fischer baby is not only a dream baby, but also a precision landing! She currently knew ten years earlier that she was going to get pregnant in 2021. No joke!

Are you a clairvoyant?


Yes, I schutz the right feeling.


Yes, I have the appropriate feeling.

In in interview with RTL in 2011, when asked where she would seen herself bei ten years, she replied: “In 2021 ich should pensioner a little slowly. Notfall as plenty of dates together I bei der currently doing. The most essential thing zum me would certainly be to have a klein family. “

Many clairvoyants would certainly envy this an exact prophecy …

Helene fischer is ns most successful German popular music singer. – Keystone

Helene fischer is more successful than the police allow

Helene fischer has achieved it all an terms of career. Ns breathless star has sold over 12 million records, won the Echo 17 times and the golden Hen eight times. Annually it welcomes millions des viewers to die great “Helene fischer Show” und fills stadiums prefer no other.

After separating from florian Silbereisen (40), she take it a break. She recovered from the stress of the stage and enjoyed ns calm before ns storm with herstellung new boyfriend thomas Seitel. Ramba-Zamba ist expected zu be famous next spring.

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zum years, Helene Fischer und Florian Silbereisen oase been die dream couple von the German struggle scene.

ns two were deeply bei love, they love celebrating your love in public.

Then the shock in 2018: ~ ten years, Helene Fischer und Florian Silbereisen announced the end of love.

since then, Helene fischer has been in a connection with produziert tightrope walker thomas Seitel.

Despite the separation, Helene Fischer und Florian Silbereisen ausblüten get follow me well. Here ist a record from 2019.
for years, Helene Fischer und Florian Silbereisen have been ns dream couple von the German struggle scene. – Keystone

By the way: Fans so don’t schutz to carry out without pregnant Helene Fischer. He freshly released his neu album “Rausch”. Die return to the stage bei 2022 should deshalb not be canceled. “I can’t wait zu sing live for you again after,” guarantees Fischer.

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