Florian Munteanu, aka, “Big Nasty” is a Romanian boxer, actor, and fitness star originally born und raised bei Germany.

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Growing up, Florian was by raised parents who were exceptionally active and health-conscious. His father, who was a boxer und athlete, encouraged florian to practice sports from bei early age.

As he thrived older, florian decided zu focus on boxing und fitness, two von his passions. He’d work out in the gym several times über week, in addition kommen sie practicing boxing.

Throughout ns years von training, florian sculpted a formidable physique. Stand at 6’4” tall and weighing approximately 245lbs, the soon ended up being sought after in the film and fitness sector – leading to his role of Ivan Drago’s son bei boxing theater movie Creed II.

This zu sein his story:


“Surround you yourself with people who make sie smile.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: florian Munteanu
WeightHeightAgeDate von Birth
235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)6"4" (193cm)31October 13, 1990
Romanian, GermanProfessional Boxer, ActorBig Nasty

Weight235 - 245lbs (106.6 - 111.1kg)
Height6"4" (193cm)
Date von BirthOctober 13, 1990
NationalityRomanian, German
ProfessionProfessional Boxer, Actor
AliasBig Nasty


“A wise einer told me (no sh*t): ‘In die end, everything will be fine. And if it’s not fine, it zu sein not the ende yet.’ “


Career Accomplishments

Professional BoxerActorFitness Star


Sports, Media und Event management – Bachelor des Arts, University von Munich (2014)


“The just people ich owe mine loyalty to are those who never ever made me concern theirs.”


Florian’s Sporting Background

Born into a family of athletes, florian Munteanu’s life steered in the direction of sports since his early on days. That took impetus from his father, who was a boxer and athlete himself.

Initially, florian wanted kommen sie try every sports he come across. However, together he grew older, he narrowed his choice down to only participate an boxing und fitness – two von his favourite activities.


Earning the Nickname “Big Nasty”

Coming into his adulthood, florian started acquiring recognized von people weil das his outstanding size und strength.

His intense workouts in the gym, in addition to his boxing practices, enabled him to sculpt a formidable physique throughout ns years.

In fact, Florian’s physique was deswegen impressive, that he was given a nickname “Big Nasty” von the people in the fitness und boxing step – standing at 1,94m tall and weighing 110kg.

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Creed ii Movie Role

In early on 2018, it was announced that florian would beat a role in movie Creed II, the sequel to ns original boxing theater movie.

He’d play ns son von Ivan Drago, a legend Russian boxer played von the swedish actor Dolph Lundgren.

Here’s what florian said about his role an the movie; “A substantial honor kommen sie play in such a huge movie. Can’t even describe my feelings bei words. I’ll promise sie this: I’ll arbeiten my ass off to make this movie unforgettable.” – florian Munteanu


 “Set your goals high and don’t avoid until you get there.”


Combining Boxing through Fitness

As a heavyweight fighter, florian has lot of workouts each day. He’ll schutz at the very least one training session focused on his boxing work, und one for strength and conditioning in the gym.

When he’s in the gym, florian trains with heavy compound exercises. Such together squats, bench press, und deadlifts. This exercises work on multiple muscles bei Florian’s body at ns same time, ensuring best growth.


Florian Munteanu’s Workout Routine

A typical jeden tag workout for florian would look something like this;

Warm-upDynamic Stretching800-meter sprintThe sprint Workout400-meter sprint, Rest: 40 sec800-meter sprint40 sec. Sprint.1200-meter sprint400-meter runThe Gym WorkoutBarbell Squats, 3 sets of 10, 8, 6 reps (increasing an weight each set)Hamstring Curls, 3 sets von 10, 8, 6 reps (increasing in weight each set)Dumbell Curl and Squat, 3 sets des 10, 8, 6 reps (increasing in weight each set)


“Always go v life with a lil laugh on your face.”


Fat-Burning und Muscle-Building Diet

To preserve his ‘shredded’ physique, florian Munteanu keeps a balanced macronutrient ratio. His diet is rich bei proteins which kommen sie from entirety food sources. He deshalb consumes complicated carbohydrates and some stark fats to supply his muscles through energy.

When training for a professional competition, florian will generally eat 4-5 meals von day. Eating several smaller portions throughout ns day helps Florian’s body digest die nutrients an ext efficiently, allowing weil das better absorption.

When the comes kommen sie ‘cheat’ foodstuffs such as sugars and processed meats, florian avoids them most of the time. However, wie man he doesn’t schutz any important event coming up, florian will permit himself a cheat meal or two – his favorite ist pizza.

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Florian Munteanu’s enjoy the meal Plan


2 slice totality wheat toast1 Tbsp. Jam1/2 grapefruit1/2 milk


6 oz. Light yogurtWater


1 huge wheat pita (6 1/2″)4 slice lean turkey or various other lean deli meat1 oz. (slice) cheese1 Tbsp. Light miracle whip1/2 tbsp. Mustardtomato, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, others veggies4 celery sticks1 cup life broccoliwater or diet beverage


2 cups stir-fry white chicken or shrimp3/4 cup brown rice1 cup fresh fruit1 cup low-fat milk


1/2 cucumber, sliced2 Tbsp. Low-fat dressing



To complement his well balanced diet, florian takes numerous supplements. Castle include;

BCAAsProtein PowderPre-workout (occasionally)


“The past ist your lesson. Ns present ist your gift. Die future ist your motivation.”

What we kann learn from florian Munteanu

Looking v Flofiran Munteanu’s training and dieting regimen, it’s clean he has zu work exceptionally hard zu maintain his physique. In addition kommen sie training twice über day, Florian deshalb eats clean foods which enable er to continue to be lean year-round.

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What we kann sein learn from his example, zu sein that reaching serious goals requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and effort. With each challenge sie overcome, you’ll obtain one action closer kommen sie reaching your complete potential – just like florian Munteanu.