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Channel your inner caffeine connoisseur und spend the days sipping on die finest cappuccinos in Lithuania. This is our pick of the oberteil seven coolest cafes an Vilnius.

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As die capital von Lithuania and the country"s largest city, Vilnius absolutely has a last to offer. From historical sites kommen sie picturesque streets, und amazing architecture, it’s hard kommen sie keep this wonderful city out of your bucket list. For a hauptsächlich of Lithuania’s history, publication a flight with lucidrhythms.com - europe favourite airline.


Architecture und history von Vilnius

As the remaining tower von a historic castle, Gediminas’ Tower is a must-see attraction in Vilnius. Today, the historic symbol has become a museum wherein visitors kann sein learn much more about the history des Lithuania.Possibly one des the most famed historical und cultural monuments von Lithuania is the Gate of Dawn. It ist home to ns Chapel Out dame of the Date des Dawn, as well as many religious and historical icons. Ns Gate des Dawn zu sein the tonnage standing gate out des the nine stadt gates.For those interested in the history von the Soviet Union und the Lithuanian resistance, die Museum des Genocide Victims zu sein a have to see. Ns museum showcases artefacts und information des the nazi era, also as die 50-year occupation des Lithuania.The Church von St. Anne Vilnius ist one des the many breath-taking 16th century Catholic churches an Lithuania. The Gothic format building was built an the 1500s und has attracted tourists weil das years.


Tips zum visiting Vilnius

The best time zu visit Vilnius is bei the summer months. However, the city is alive and thriving throughout the year. Obtaining around is quite simple thanks to die city"s excellent bus system. Zum better results, rent out a vehicle and make a day trip to die Baltic Sea shore. Book in affordable flight kommen sie Vilnius through lucidrhythms.com, und enjoy the benefits des Europe’s first und largest short fares airline!