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For a group flight with an ext than 9 people, please usage our kopieren, gruppe reservations service. There, we tun können quickly calculate the best offer weil das you.

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well known zum its package holidays und purpose developed resorts, lucidrhythms.com supplies cheap tickets on flights zu Mallorca. Are freundin looking zum all night partying or tranquil time on die beach, Mallorca ist the place for you. Nur a couple of hours flight from many other europe cities, Spain offers an abundance of natural beauty and charm. Take a cheap flight kommen sie Mallorca v lucidrhythms.com und get away!

picking a stay auswahl depends ~ above what sie want zu do and see. It tun können be the flurry des Palma, the vibrant coastline or inland v plush retreats. Marvel at die remarkable architecture, from middle ages through die Modernist . Sailing zu sein a huge pastime in Mallorca and if even sie are not a sailor, you tun können enjoy watercraft trips.


The stadt airport in Palma welcomes flights kommen sie Mallorca daily from several European cities. Situated near the heart von Palma, the does not take viel time kommen sie reach ns city. You kann take a bus or cab to ns town centre. Among the most natural Mediterranean destinations, watch its majestic limestone cliffs plunging into sapphire hued waters.

Taxies can be gotten outside die arrival level. If freundin like you tun können book one prior kommen sie taking her flight zu Mallorca. It möchte take you just about fünfzehn minutes from ns airport to die Placa d'Espanya. Enjoy ns beach, sun and the eye-catching coasts with stupendous landscapes as freundin begin your memorable trip.

Sitting atop punkt a comical angle on a huge unlikely huge rock, Castell d’Alaró ist a an extremely satisfying lock climb in Mallorca. Those who don’t want zu climb up tun können take their car. Panoramas from ns ruins ist spectacular.

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Chequered history von this grand old monastery provides it bei intriguing attraction. Residence des the previous royals there room a chain des cells that talk about the lives of monks. You kann sein see exhibits indigenous Chopin's and Sand's collection such together Chopin's pianos.

Long and wide silvery beach, Ciudad Jardín zu sein sheltered von a string von jetties. There room moderate waves on die beach situated close to the residential neighbourhood of Ciudad Jardín. A beautiful area, it is enclosed kelle Torre d’en Pau Park. You tun können avail framework such together hammock and boat rentals, cost-free showers und beach umbrellas.

A giant cathedral, it ist the vital architectural landmark in Palma. You will get mesmerized von its slim size. Die breathtaking interiors space designed von Miquel Barceló und Antoni Gaudí, making the unlike any kind of other cathedral. A primarily Gothic structure, it sit on die site des former Medina Mayurka mosque.

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Do you like a marine- zoo? Marineland ist a perfect place to spend a day. It residences a substantial aquarium along with a terrarium. Inspect out tropical fishes, sharks, exotic lizards, anacondas, penguins and more. Parrots, Sea lions und Dolphin shows are a continual attraction.

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