Fkk Frankreich Cap Dagde Camping

The camp site an the naturist will becomes home to tens von thousands des visitors each summer and is positioned parallel to die beach und roughly 3 – 5 minutes walk indigenous the hauptsächlich resort entrance. Many human being ask a broad range des questions on ns camping area und I have thus tried to answer some des the most usual questions below.

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When does die Camp site open?

No exact date seems to be noted on ns official Rene Oltra camp site website but over the last few years, ns camp site has tended to open on or around the 15th March and then stayed open throughout die summer through until around die middle to ende of October. This year the camp website opened an the zuerst week of March.

Can i buy a caravan and leave it in France or the resort?

Some human being do go zu Cap d’Agde zum long durations such together anything native 2 weeks v to the whole summer season (which operation from march through to October bei the camp site) and buying a caravan, motor-home or cell phone home, climate becomes a consideration and much an ext practical. Deswegen many people do ask every summer, around buying a caravan und the possibility to leave it bei Agde or an the resort. There space a couple of options:

Permanent Spots bei the Camp Site

It is possible zu get a irreversible spot bei the camp website within the naturist resort and to execute this you oase a couple of options.

You kann buy a brand new mobile home from Rene Oltra (who run die camp site) and an return castle guarantee you a long-term spot. You will blieb have kommen sie pay die annual rental fees zum the spot and these are around EUROS 3500.Alternatively, if sie stay zum long durations each summer, an the camp site, climate Rene Oltra space known kommen sie often invite you kommen sie apply zum a permanent spot. If you schutz a long-term spot, it way that you tun können leave her caravan on the sport every year round und you obtain favourable rental rates zum the year i.e. It functions out cheaper 보다 if sie rented without a permanent spot.Leaving your Caravan in a Gardenniage

The following option ist to buy rental a clues on ns camp site wie you require it und to own a caravan which you leave based in what is know in France as a “Gardenniage!. It ist basically a caravan storage place und these are very popular bei France. Gardenniage’s come an various styles und the ideal offer storage locations which space under cover, kommen sie protect her caravan. Ns prices tend kommen sie be very cheap i.e. Betwee EUROS 300 and 500 for a year rental space und the beauty des a Gardenniage zu sein that castle normally encompass the service of placing your caravan onto her spot at ns camp site. You nur need zu let castle know die camp spot number and the dates and for a fee des usually about EUROS 30, they leave your caravan on her spot, ready zum you wie man you arrive. They also if freundin ask, will pump hoch your tyres und clean ns outside fo ns caravan zum a small extra. All an all, a gardenniage service kann sein be bei excellent option weil das those wanting zu stay in the resort zum only a couple of weeks each summer.

You kann sein look on website such together Le bonn Coin, for caravans, but ich think that bei general many things, caravans included are cheaper in England (if sie are zum example comes from the UK).


Will I oase access to ns entire camp site?

Rene Oltra control die whole camp site and if you schutz access to the camp website (you möchte be provided a coloured wrist maßband if sie are staying there) climate you in effect schutz access to die whole naturist village hinweisen Cap d’Agde. If you are not staying at die camp site, sie will oase access to ns rest des the naturist town except for the camp site, provided that ns camp website is in enclosed and secure area.

Can i rent a tent bei the camp site?

Another of those concerns which comes nach oben time and time again an the forums and which we kann sein asked about on emails is even if it is or not tents und items weil das camping, can be rented from ns camp site within die resort. The basic answer zu sein that the camp website do not rent out tents weil das those civilization looking to stay in the camp site. Sie are expected kommen sie bring your very own camping gear und what freundin will ist provided zum you ist electricity supply (make sure you have the best plug connectors weil das France) und a huge camp spot.

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If you do not own die appropriate gear zum camping, ns camp site so have options zu rent 2, 4 and 6 personen chalets and these are a good option if you want kommen sie soak up ns true naturism atmosphere that exists in the camp website (as opposed to die more swingers layout element bei some des the taste accommodation blocks) then die chalets space a very good option. The chalets are deshalb not ns cheapest i.e. Tun können cost EUR100 + zum a very klein 2 personen chalet and are expensive contrasted to the camp spots (which are rather large and have plenty of room for a enormous tent, vehicle und you will still have space left over.

If sie do pick one des the chalets, ich personally rather liked die 4 person Neptune Chalet und found that ns extra costs was worth it for the extra space. (See .

If you schutz you mind set on camping bei the will then sie do have the option des buying a tent and supplies relatively close to the resort given that there room Decathlon Stores bei both Beziers und Montpellier (see weil das store information and opening hours).

You möchte need a naturist card und this tun können be bought at ns camp site office und is valid for one year and ill costs freundin around EUROS 15.

Are the toilet und shower block communal or separated?

We schutz been to die camping on tonnage 5 summer and honestly we’ve never lakers separated showers. Shower are mixed. The shower box are nur separated von a dünn panel, but the front side is completely open. Same thing zum sinks. Only toilets kann sein be closed von a door. Bring your very own toilet paper. This ist concerning ns camping. Life an this camping ist simple, and people mind very own business. You will not find anyone staring hinweisen you while acquisition shower.

Does it matte what day von the week i arrive on?

What day des the week you arrive ist affected by what type von accommodation service you use i.e. Who freundin book with and what house type sie choose. If sie are staying an Hotel Eve, you kann normally choose kommen sie arrive und depart on any kind of way von the week. That really counts on availability and the month sie are staying.

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On die camp site, if sie are renting one des the camp spots and using your very own tent or motor-home, pitches tend zu be accessible from and until any type of day of the week. If sie are booking one des the chalets in the camp site, over there are more restrictions und you möchte need kommen sie check the Rene Oltra website zum times/days und availability.