Fitbit fitness tracker flex wireless

Fitbit"s Flex fitness tracker zu sein the zuerst wearable device kommen sie get slapped onto mine body, und I"m love every minute of it. Review Anthony"s thoughts.

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die wearable device market zu sein going zu heat hoch considerably this year; we oase all sorts of different fitness tracking wristbands, clever watches, google Glass, und more. We"re starting off die year v Fitbit, und its Flex device.

Fitbit"s Flex zu sein a wireless activity and sleep wristband, which tracks all sorts of different things like die amount von steps you"ve taken.

Fitbit to explode onto the scene through some serious tracking, a an excellent mobile app, und minute-by-minute tracking of your physical fitness. Die company also has a bunch of accessories zum its assorted devices, yet that"s something we"ll obtain into an the future.

The Flex goes zum around $100 on Amazon, but there"s also the new Force i beg your pardon has just landed (I only uncovered out around it after ich had purchased ns Flex). Die Fitbit Force zu sein $163 USD top top Amazon, dafür you"ll oase to sweet up the differences. Hope we"ll oase a force soon the we"ll compare die Flex against.

PRICING: You kann sein find the Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband for sale below. Ns prices provided are valid at ns time des writing, but tun können change at any time. Click the verknüpfung to lakers the very latest pricing weil das the best deal.

United States: ns Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband retails zum $97.94 punkt Amazon.

United Kingdom: ns Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband retails weil das 67.56 pounds at amazonas UK.

Canada: the Fitbit Flex Wireless task + Sleep Wristband retails zum $99.95 at amazon Canada.

Germany: ns Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband retails weil das EUR 93,00 at amazonas DE.

France: die Fitbit Flex Wireless task + Sleep Wristband retails weil das EUR 92,00 at amazon France.


For now, let"s see what the Flex zu sein capable of, and get the specifications ~ above it.

As you tun können see, die Flex go a gewächs of things. The comes through two wristbands: a "small" wristband, and a "large" wristband. This zu sein great, together Fitbit could"ve easily sold the as nur the small, or large, und sold ns different dimension as bei accessory.

The Flex is capable of wirelessly syncing v your computer or Mac, thanks kommen sie its contained wireless sync dongle. This zu sein included in the box as well; another great addition von Fitbit.

There are three various colors ns Flex come in: black, slate, and pink. Fitbit deshalb offers three different colors through accessory bands: navy, tangerine, and teal. Ich picked up the black one, as i thought that looked far better (to my taste).

What"s in the Box

I didn"t quite recognize what kommen sie expect when i opened trost the kasten for the Flex, yet it come with so much that makes verfolgung your fitness und sleep viel easier.

In ns box, you"ll receive ns Flex tracker itself, 2 wristbands zum it (small, and large), a wireless sync dongle, charging cable, und access to free cell phone apps weil das the iPhone und Android devices. I"m utilizing a Nexus 5, so I have the app on mine smartphone, and Chrome on my PC, so I schutz it synced zu my pc as well.

I discovered it significant that Fitbit consisted of all von this in the box; probably it"s normal with wearable fitness trackers, but this impressed me. Die wireless sync dongle is bei awesome addition, as is the smaller wristband.

First Impressions, Fitness & Sleep Tracking

First Impressions

After taking die Flex out des its box, it"s just a matte of charging the little module inside des the wristband itself, while freundin do ns setup. We have more von the setup procedure below, deswegen if freundin want kommen sie skip zu that, you can; if not, proceed on with our zuerst impressions.

After fully charging that (which didn"t take lang at all) ich slapped die Flex onto mine wrist, und went out to dinner. Ich was chatting through a freundin about it, and he stated that that doesn"t like the feel of it ~ above his wrist, as it zu sein too heavy, and gets an the way.

I didn"t uncover this zu be true through my experience an the first 24 hours, und I"m composing this portion von the evaluation on my second day of owning ns Fitbit Flex.

Fitness Tracking

I"m not the fittest man around, but I"m deshalb no substantial sloth that slides roughly on my belly. But, i know i could perform with getting fitter. I oase a virtually three-year-old daughter that has an ext energy 보다 our neighborhood star, deshalb I wanted kommen sie at least push myself kommen sie do something, anything, fitness related.

With the Flex, I kann slap it on mine wrist, und go on with my day. But, together time walk on, it pushed me to walk more, und to try to get my numbers up. Every time ich double tapped the Flex, i wanted to seen more lights kommen sie up, but the only way that wollen happen is über getting closer to, and hopefully meeting, my daily goals.

This is something i was actually really interested in: sleep tracking. It usually takes me rather some time to fall asleep, usually betwee 30 kommen sie 60 minutes; sometimes more.

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In bespeak to start sleep tracking, you"ll oase to manually enter your Fitbit app, and tell it you"re going kommen sie sleep now. Wie you wake up up, you"ll oase to tell it that you"re now awake, too.

On my zuerst night des tracking my sleep, i actually woke up quite a lot; much more than usual as a matter of fact. The zuerst thing i did when ich woke trost was inspect my stats, and surely enough, over there it was bei digitized form: my sleeping pattern.

I woke hoch a same bit, und had times von fully gift awake -obviously, because die Flex is tracking the movement with my wrist. It was really astounding zu get up and check my sleeping pattern; I"m slowly transforming robotic.

Setup, Syncing, Social functions & cell phone Fitness


The setup procedure was pretty straight forward. Ich signed bei with my google account, und went native there. Instead of talking around it, we"ll let ns pictures speak a thousand words. These room all von the measures required to setup your Fitbit Flex wristband:

There"s a bunch von steps sie go through, but it informs of you of what it zu sein doing, und you kann sein do part configuration along die way. Your Flex zu sein usually charging during this time, so you can just circulation through the installation easily.


When you"re setup up die Flex, you"ll plug the wireless sync dongle right into your PC, or Mac. When this ist in, there"s no reason kommen sie remove it unless you"re physically moving it zu another maker or laptop. I have mine plugged right into my Intel NUC desktop PC, which ist the device that i work on for most of the day.

So, every time i sit back down bei my chair, mine Flex syncs to ns dongle and to my Fitbit account. This is incredibly freeing, as i don"t need kommen sie do anything kommen sie sync my Flex -great!

You kann sein manually sync die Flex (if sie want up-to-date numbers) von simply refreshing ns Flex Dashboard top top your browser -just an case sie want some severe minute-by-minute tracking.

Social Fitness through Fitbit

You kann add friends within the Dashboard von Fitbit (both on ns desktop, and mobile app), which lasst uns the competitive nature of us all kommen sie out.

If you"re who who ist competitive, ns social nature of utilizing a Fitbit fitness tracker wollen definitely come into play. You kann sein cheer each other on, or push each other kommen sie catch up. Ns social aspects of Fitbit are countless thanks to the mobile app, und the exceptional Dashboard.

Mobile Fitness

Because you"re wearing a device that doesn"t schutz a full-blown cell phone OS, or a ideal touchscreen, the things you tun können do straight with her Flex room limited. This is why ns company has noted a well assumed out cell phone app.

Within the Fitbit app, you oase access to your Dashboard. It wollen display your Flex tracker zustand from top to bottom, even if it is it ist connected or not. Ns flex displays: ns amount von steps taken, street walked, calories burned, "very active" minute (which zu sein when you"re running, or jogging), her weight, sleep, food plan, and the amount des water you"ve had actually over the day.

Within ns Settings portion des the Fitbit cell phone app, you kann sein adjust her time region (or oase it readjust itself automatically), select ns country (again, or allow it immediately do this), i beg your pardon country"s food database sie want to be connected to, ns units used, und whether sie want to schutz push notifications sent to your device.

What"s Hot, What"s notfall & final Thoughts

What"s Hot

It Looks and Feels good - ns Flex looks great zum what the does. It has a sleek look, und rubber feel. Ns screen lamp up nur enough zu let you know what you"ve done in terms of steps zum the day, and that"s great. It doesn"t feeling heavy, or cumbersome kommen sie wear, that really nur compliments my human body (I feel like I"m trying zu sell part female accessory here).

The Dashboard zu sein Powerful - You kann sein tell that Fitbit has actually put some initiative into that Dashboard, which ist incredibly powerful.

Mobile und Social attributes - being able to access my Dashboard from my smartphone zu sein something that ich loved around using the Flex. Ns added society features wollen keep freundin on your toes, and won"t have you slacking turn off on her fitness.

I"m Slowly coming to be a Robot - After over a decade of notfall wearing a watch, the feels weird to look down weist my wrist und see something there. Ich don"t feeling it, due to the fact that it"s deshalb light, but i obviously lakers it. When i do seen it, and press double on die Flex twice to see my present steps goal, ich feel choose a humanoid robot. I feel awesome.

What"s Not

The Fitbit Force zu sein Now right here - damn it! But, this ist the way it is bei the tech world; sachen move incredibly fast. Ich don"t mind, as i was able to dip my toes into die world von fitness wearables with die Flex, und it zu sein not something i regret doing. It"s not really even a negative, or a "What"s Not," but more des a: "Remember, before sie buy the Flex, die Force is out now, people."

Final Thoughts

The Fitbit Flex has converted me into a fitness verfolgung lover. This is my first, and certainly notfall my tonnage fitness tracker. There space plenty von others the end there, however Fitbit has actually a treasure trove of goodness here.

The Fitbit Flex provides two wristbands bei the package, the wireless sync dongle, die feature-packed Dashboard, the mobile app, and much more. There"s deshalb some scales you kann buy, which zu sein something ich think will motivate me viel more into obtaining out and being more active, und watching what i eat.

If you"re bei the market for a fitness tracker weil das yourself: the Flex is a an excellent device. It also makes a perfect, not dafür expensive gift zum birthdays, und Christmas too. At just $100 USD, it"s notfall overpriced, und sits firmly within impulse buy territory. This zu sein something that appealed zu me, and I haven"t regretted a einzel step since.

PRICING: You tun können find the Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband for sale below. Die prices provided are valid at ns time von writing, but kann sein change hinweisen any time. Click the link to see the really latest pricing zum the best deal.

United States: die Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband retails zum $97.94 at Amazon.

Canada: ns Fitbit Flex Wireless activity + Sleep Wristband retails weil das $99.95 at amazonas Canada.

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