Fire Tv Stick Kodi Addons Installieren

In this guide, we space going to zeigen you in easy und step von step guide zu install Kodi ~ above Firestick / Fire TV. A lot of united state who love streaming inhalt online have to have kommen sie across or heard around Kodi or its previous names (XBMC & Xbox Media Center). Kodi, zum those des you who perform not have a single idea about, ist a streaming anwendung with a renowned reputation des offering pirated content.

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Regardless, Kodi tun können be also used to stream legitimate inhalt online. The app allows users to install different add-ons und builds zu expand your streaming capability. V Kodi, you möchte be able kommen sie organize content in your media library in the manner freundin want it. A last of human being keep asking if Kodi can be installed with ease und I often tell them notfall to problem that once they follow my guide, you will do it get the whole procedure step von step.


It ist practically very easy zu install Kodi on your Firestick device; that takes just a few minutes to get it up and running without having zu root your device. Kodi ist regarded together one von the finest streaming applications out on ns internet for watching free content online. After installing Kodi, that is deshalb very important that freundin know how zu use the on your Firestick machine most especially first-time users. If freundin are already using Kodi 17.6 top top Firestick und want kommen sie update that to die latest ausführung please visit how to update kodi guide.

You wollen be able zu stream your favorite TV shows, movies, Pay über View events, direkte channels, sports, and lots more all year ring absolutely free. Due kommen sie privacy policy concerns, Kodi ist not obtainable on the amazon App keep which method you schutz to download und install the apps from in external source so known as Side-Loading.

How zu Install Kodi 18.5 top top Firestick (October 2021)

Side-loading Kodi on her Firestick zu sein the process deshalb used zum jailbreaking firestick which allows you kommen sie stream free unlimited inhalt online. In this step-by-step guide, i will it is in showing you how zu use die latest version Kodi Leia 18.5 on your firestick, the different methods von installing ns app, the addons and builds. This tutorial will also work for those von you who schutz the Firestick TV and even the latest Firestick 4K release.

The complying with guide ich will be showing sie focuses ~ above the montage of Kodi using die Downloader anwendung on your firestick. This Downloader app is in installer that helps you to download und install apps on your Firestick an equipment including Kodi.

Legal Notice: we ( are strongly against inhalt piracy, und we implore ours readers zu avoid it von all means. 

Your IP resolve, kann be seen by anyone right now. My solid recommendation zu sein to gain a trustworthy VPN so that you tun können hide her identity and protect your privacy from ISPs, Hackers, apps or Addon developer while streaming online.

I introduce ExpressVPN together that is what ich use, und it ist the many secure VPN the you kann sein use on her Firestick. They oase 30-day money-back guarantee bei case sie do not enjoy their service. There is currently a unique deal where sie acquire 49% turn off + 3 months Extra v ExpressVPN 1 year plan.

So, the zuerst thing zu do ist make sure your Firestick is powered on and connected to the internet.Then you oase to permit Apps from Unknown Sources because we will be installation Kodi from an Unknown resource due zu unavailability top top the amazonas App Store.On her Firestick home Screen, hover to Settings on die top right von your screen and click top top it. Then click Device/ My Fire TV bei the submenu depending upon your Firestick device version.


Click on die Developer Options


Select Apps indigenous Unknown Sources under Developer Options, zu turn it On. Overlook warning pop up message and Click top top Turn On.


Return to ns Firestick home Screen von pressing ns home taste for some seconds, climate navigate to die magnifying glass icon and click top top it zu search zum the Downloader app.Using the onscreen keyboard, type in “Downloader” then click it from ns list nur below the keyboard.


You’ll see bei orange Downloader icon, click on it.


Now click on download icon from her remote zu initiate die download und installation process.

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It wollen take a few seconds, when it is done installing, click “Open” to launch the Downloader app. You will get a prompt zum the erste time opened the app “Click Allow” (older FireStick models may not lakers this prompt). Click ok when you see the welcome window.Make sure house on ns top-left ist highlighted within ns Downloader. Climate click die URL field to the right und type exactly ns following URL: (This link will download the latest Kodi Leia 18.5 version. If freundin wish kommen sie install die older version, you möchte need to enter different link) und click Go.


Now Kodi will anfang to download automatically. Wait zum the download zu finishIt wollen launch the fasst screen upon successful download, click Install and wait while Kodi ist installing.


Once the passend zu is complete, click “Done” then click “Delete” to remove die Kodi APK installation file you nur downloaded zu free nach oben space on her Firestick device.Click “Delete” again kommen sie confirm your action.Go zurück to your Firestick TV house screen, climate scroll kommen sie “Your Apps & Channels” on die right und click “See All”.Scroll down to ns bottom of the page und highlight Kodi, then press the “Options button” (the 3 scorseses lines) on your Firestick remote und click “Move”.Using die arrows keys on her Firestick remote move Kodi shortcut to your desired position and click jawohl to ar it there.You tun können now launch Kodi, yet we recommend to secure your Firestick through VPN.

Secure your Firestick with ExpressVPN

I personally introduce that sie install ExpressVPN on her Firestick maker before you anfang using it zu stream inhalt online. ExpressVPN ist great early to die fact the it has in app especially designed to work perfect with amazonas Fire TVs. ExpressVPN zu sein the best VPN zum Kodi, and it so unlocks geo-blocked content. They oase a 30-day money-back guarantee in case freundin do not enjoy their leistungen . There is currently a distinct deal where sie get 49% off + 3 month Extra with ExpressVPN 1 year plan.

Once you have purchased die subscription, use die following steps kommen sie install ExpressVPN on your Firestick devices:

At ns top left corner des your Firestick residence Screen, click on the search bar/magnifying glass icon und type “ExpressVPN” using ns on-screen keyboard.Click ~ above ExpressVPN from ns list under ns keyboard.Click die “Get” taste to download and install ExpressVPN.Once ns download and installation room completed, Click “Open” to launch ExpressVPN.Set your mitarbeiter preferences whether zu send diagnostic reports anonymously to the app in the background or not.Once set up ist complete, click the large stärke icon button to connect kommen sie a arbitrarily server or click “Choose Location” to select a preferred nation or city.ExpressVPN will stay linked to the server bei the lift until sie switch the off und you kann now use Kodi to stream media inhalt anonymously online.

How zu Use Kodi

How to Install Addons ~ above Kodi

We will be installing an add-on installer to nur you how to go about installing add-ons bei Kodi.

Launch Kodi and got zu settings von clicking die gear icon beside the stärke icon at ns top left corner of the screen.Scroll down und click on “File Manager”.Click “Add Source” on the left-hand side, a window will kommen sie up.Go back to the Home Screen and click Add-ons on die left-hand side des the screen.At the top left corner, click ns box-shaped icon then click “Install native Zip File” und select the benennen you typed bei Step 4.Select ns “” file und wait zum it to install.How kommen sie Install builds on Kodi

Here we will be installing No borders Magic Build zum Kodi (You could want to visit Best Kodi Builds page zum some recommendation) to nur you die steps of how freundin can also install various other builds using die same method. So, we zuerst of all oase to enable Unknown sources within Kodi zu allow montage from third-party sources.

To turn on “Unknown Sources” go to Settings > System Settings > Addons > Unknown Sources and click the switch to the right-hand side zu turn it on. Click “Yes” wie man you acquire a warning prompt.Navigate zurück to the Kodi house Screen to add No limits Build source und install die No limits Wizard.Click die Settings or cog iconThen click File Manager.Scroll down zu the belastung option which claims “Add Source”.In the pop-up window, Select None & type bei the adhering to URL: in the top box.Type the benennen No borders Magic in the box below and click OK.Go zurück to ns Kodi main screen and select Add-ons, und click the box-shaped symbol (Package installer).Now click “Install from zip file” and then select “Kodi No Limits”Select then click OK.Now we wollen install No borders Build from No boundaries Wizard.Open No boundaries Wizard und click “Install/Update No boundaries Builds” for Kodi Leia customers where you’ll lakers a gewächs of builds available.Choose the build based upon your streaming preferences und wait zum the build download. It might take some time deshalb stay put und do nothing, nur wait.When the download zu sein completed, wait for the automatic extraction von files and Kodi will so exit once done.Once the extraction and installation process zu sein complete, unplug your Firestick device and plug it rückseitig after a few minutes. Climate launch Kodi on and wait for the final setup von building menus und skin settings. Let No boundaries Magic run for 15 minutes without interference kommen sie clear errors and you are good kommen sie go.

Alternative Methods to Install Kodi top top Firestick

There are other methods des installing Kodi on her Firestick an equipment which i will deshalb be explaining below. They include using FileLinked und ES Explorer kommen sie sideload Kodi on any kind of Firestick, Fire TV Cube, und more.

How to Install Kodi on Firestick utilizing FileLinkedEnter die FileLinked code when prompted (code 54780130) und click continue zu proceed.Check zum the version des Kodi sie wish zu install und click ns Download symbol to die right-hand side.When ns download zu sein completed, sie will see a “Play” button ausblüten to die right-hand side des your screen. Click on it und follow die instructions. It is all!How zu Install Kodi ~ above Firestick using es File ExplorerAfter enabling “Apps indigenous Unknown Sources” within your Firestick settings, click search (the gear/cog icon) und type in ES document Explorer.Install das File Explorer, start it and agree to the permission settings.On ns left-hand menu panel, role down and select “Tools”.Under tools, select “Download Manager”.Click “New” at the bottom, a new window will popup.Type an the following URL: next zu “Path” based on the version des Kodi freundin want kommen sie install, form Kodi in the line next zu Name and click “Next”.Then click “Download Now” to anfang the download. Wait weil das a couple of minutes for it zu finish downloading.Once it ist done downloading, click “Open File” und then Install.Click download again zu proceed.Wait for the montage process to finish. When complete, click “Done” or “Open”.


Kodi ist a really exceptional streaming application with loads von add-ons und builds that will enable you zu watch your favorite news channels, sports, direkt TV shows, movies, documentaries, musicals, und so much more zum free. It zu sein very easy and stress-free kommen sie install if freundin follow this step-by-step overview accordingly.

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One des the most important things you need kommen sie do prior to using Kodi on her Firestick device ist to do sure you have an active ExpressVPN app mounted on her device. VPN möchte unlock a whole neu experience zum you wie it comes zu streaming with complete identity protection und many much more benefits. I hope with this guide, you have been able kommen sie install and use Kodi without any kind of challenges on your Firestick device.