The tech sector sure has actually put a lot of hype behind descriptors prefer “max” end the tonnage few years. So when amazon announced die $54.99 Fire TV stick 4K Max tonnage month, i couldn’t help but cringe at die idea von a streaming device picking nach oben that kind of branding. What could max possibly mean in this context? It’s gott nothing zu do with die physical design; ns Fire TV pole 4K Max is visually identical from die existing Fire TV stick 4K. Und the two assets go tit zum tat bei their core video and audio streaming attributes despite ns older modell often gift discounted; at die time des this review, ns regular Fire TV stick 4K is on sale zum $33.99.

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In this case, “max” zu sein actually about die smaller things. The new stick is 40 percent more powerful than die standard version, which results an apps launching faster and navigation that feels noticeably an ext fluid und free von stutters or lag. Yes sir more ram inside so you don’t have to wait zum apps to completely reload as often. Amazon has upgraded ns Wi-Fi zu Wi-Fi 6 zum better wireless streaming power — assuming you’ve got a router that tun können take advantage von it. And you also get a more recent Alexa voice remote in the box with apps shortcuts und a ziehen um shortcut to direkte TV programming.

The Fire TV pole 4K maximal comes with Amazon’s recent Alexa voice remote. another advantage von the more recent remote is the guide button, which can quickly take you to direkte TV indigenous supported services that integrate directly with Amazon’s channel guide. This include youtube TV, Sling TV, hulu with direkt TV, Pluto TV, Tubi, and more. It’s not like the live TV tab ist difficult kommen sie find on die Fire TV homescreen, however I’m constantly here weil das time savers.

When the comes zu their intuitive capabilities, the Fire TV pole 4K Max und Fire TV rod 4K are essentially identical. Lock both market Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, und HLG. One quiet upgrade amazon made to the newer hardware ist support weil das AV1 video decoding, which möchte be welcome nachrichten to YouTube; AV1 decoding was one of the points of contention in the company’s really public spat with Roku. Amazon adopting the functionality should head off ns possibility of a comparable dispute.

Sound specs betwee Amazon’s two 4K rod (each supports Dolby Atmos) are deshalb supposed kommen sie be the same, however this ist one area where ns newer stick traction ahead since of… Netflix. Weil das whatever reason, as noted von AFTVnews, die streaming giant doesn’t support Atmos on die regular Fire TV pole 4K since it runs in older version des the Fire OS software. Since die newer rod 4K max ships with ns current Fire OS 7, freundin get the full Atmos experience when watching Netflix. If you’ve got in Atmos soundbar or surround system, that an ext immersive audio might be enough for you kommen sie spend extra on die Max.

The Fire TV homescreen ausblüten puts a heavy emphasis on amazonas content.
If sie hover end one of your favourite apps, you can see what’s popular.
The live TV overview integrates through Sling TV, youtube TV, und other services.

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In keeping with the rest von Amazon’s Fire TV lineup, die Stick 4K maximal runs the overhauled software program experience that die company rolled out previously this year through user profiles, a much more personalized homescreen, and a new “find” feature for picking the night’s entertainment. Thanks to its more powerful CPU, GPU, and additional ramm (now 2GB instead des 1.5GB), the new stick breezes with navigating all the various corners of the Fire TV OS. And apps go seem to load trost quicker than on the standard pole 4K — und certainly quicker compared to my Chromecast with google TV.

That said, amazon remains heavy-handed with banner ads on the homescreen und is ausblüten a wenig too an your face wie man promoting its own content. It’s possible to install a various launcher or set hoch Pi-hole kommen sie block some of the advertising, yet that’s a step most consumers wollen never take. Die reality zu sein that this is just something you’ve got to put up with if sie want a an extremely capable 4K streaming device zum under $60. If the ads drive freundin nuts, ns more expensive apple TV 4K or Nvidia Shield would certainly be wiser choices.

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Every smart device jetzt requires you to agree zu a series des terms und conditions before you tun können use it — contracts the no one in reality reads. It’s impossible for us zu read and analyze every single one von these agreements. But we’re walk to anfang counting precisely how many times you schutz to fight “agree” to use devices when we testimonial them because these are agreements most world don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

Using a Fire TV pole 4K maximal requires an amazon account, which means you’ll schutz to agree to the company’s conditions von use and privacy notice zu get started. It’s also important to be mindful of privacy settings weil das Amazon’s Alexa since ns voice assistant plays together a huge role on this device.

The Fire TV platform comes v its very own privacy settings (enabled by default) the allow amazon to:

“Use personal säule collected von the operation system of this device zum marketing and product advancement purposes.”“Allow Appstore zu collect die info on the frequency und duration von use von downloaded apps.”

There’s also an “interest-based ads” auswahl that lets you opt out von apps making use of your device’s declaring ID to build a profile zum targeted ads. Separate from this, you kann choose to reset your proclaiming ID.

Final tally: two mandatory agreements, add to Alexa privacy policy und data sharing setups that are specific to Fire TV.

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There’s certainly a case zu be do that the Fire TV rod 4K max should schutz just replaced the slower Fire TV stick 4K. Amazon’s lineup is now emotion crowded bolzen the Fire TV stick Lite, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV pole 4K, Fire TV pole 4K Max, and the second-gen Fire TV Cube. Ns Cube is well differentiated as its own thing, but I kann sein imagine some civilization would be an extremely confused wie shopping betwee the others. And amazon discounts this devices deshalb frequently the you’re really notfall looking at a giant preis gulf between most of them.

So my advice ist this: if freundin want Amazon’s ideal straightforward 4K streamer, spend the little bit extra und go v the new Fire TV rod 4K Max. Die speed improvements really carry out make zum a much more satisfying user experience. Und even if your residence network no yet running on Wi-Fi 6, you’ll have some future proofing an that respect. Ns Fire TV Cube remains more powerful still, but if sie don’t need hands-free Alexa voice controls, it’s overkill zum the purpose von entertainment.

I ausblüten don’t understand whether that worthy des the max moniker, however this zu sein now absolutely the amazonas streaming player zu buy.