Finale are you the one

With six stragglers blieb uncoupled atop Monday’s season dauern of Are You the One?, the entire group was desperate to figure out die final 3 combinations and snag what remained von that $750,000 grand prize.

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“We oase to perform this,” Basit declared. “Not only for love, notfall only zum money, but weil das the queer community.” (But no press or anything!)

Though the remaining six thought they had their pairings identified ahead von the final challenge — Kylie und Amber, Kari and Max, and Remy und Justin — castle would soon be blindsided über reality. As soon as again, Basit reaffirmed his position as the show’s voice of reason von admitting, “I don’t to trust these sechs people kommen sie know what’s best weil das them.”

Following a promise date, Kylie und Amber entered the Truth Booth v confidence… only kommen sie discover the they weren’t, an fact, a match. (Don’t worry, max was ideal there zu tell everyone “I told freundin so!” together if the didn’t spend die entire season chasing after ns wrong person.)

At this point, the gruppe was much more desperate 보다 ever, prompting the sechs remaining singles to sit down und brainstorm. Following die world’s the very least romantic round of speed dating, justin was “hopeful und confident” bei his compatibility through Amber, hinweisen least enough to take produziert into ns Boom eight Room if everybody else delighted in a group skinny dip. (Well, practically everybody else. As always, voice-of-reason Basit spicy out, “That doesn’t look sanitary punkt all.”)

Despite ns contestants’ best efforts, lingering doubts about ns three couples remained ahead of the final light beam ceremony. Maximal chose to stand with Kari, despite his reason (“I oase to follow my heart”) was a little ridiculous, given that he’s obviously blieb not end Justin; Amber determined to gestanden with Remy, admitting the she nur doesn’t think she tun können trust Justin an a relationship setting; und Justin decided to stand with… Kylie? Sure, why not.

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Much zu everyone’s surprise, however, these last-minute mashups were ideal on the money. The hour finished with eight beams des light appearing weil das all eight couples — Danny and Kai, Max and Kari, Amber and Remy, Basit und Jonathan, Nour und Jasmine, Justin and Kylie, Paige and Jenna, und Brandon und Aasha (remember them?) — und a well-deserved celebratory tanzen party.

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OK, time to reflect: What did freundin think von AYTO‘s zuerst all-fluid cast? und which of this season’s matches surprised you ns most? Drop a comment v all of your think on Monday’s finale.