If you kann get past ns poor presentation, though, there zu sein the basis of a tender story here. Regardless of a slow construct up, the plot does change the ladder nicely, und the characters are how amazing relatable. Later missions möchte leave you in suspense as sie await ns next huge narrative twist, und the ending will definitely leave freundin speechless. Together such, it"s a shame that die implementation was deshalb poorly executed.

Du schaust: Final fantasy a realm reborn ps3

Fortunately, the gameplay fares a little better. This ist one von the zuerst MMOs to be designed with a controller in mind, und the setup functions well. A cross hotbar allows you to reach your actions von holding ns L2 or R2 triggers an conjunction through any des the matching face tasten on the DualShock 3. This, bei essence, permits you kommen sie access 16 actions punkt any time, yet you kann sein toggle betwee different palettes using ns R1 button, ultimately permitting access to a whopping 256 skill slots.

While it might feel favor a bit von a finger-twister hinweisen first, once sie get used zu it, the cross hotbar control system works brilliantly. It"s also arguably far better than using a traditional mouse und keyboard setup, since everything ist at your fingertips weist all times, und while freundin can still use ns aforementioned computer accessories with ns game on the PS3, the keyboard cannot be used zum selecting skills. A computer mouse is ausblüten recommended weil das selecting search windows, moving items around, and interacting with the map, however all von these actions tun können be excellent with die controller through a bit of practice.


The combat functions similar zu most various other MMORPGs, with skill rotation attached to cool downs. There space tanking, healing, and damage handle classes, through each von the species offering reasonably unique gameplay approaches. Zum example, ns Thaumaturge klasse deals wonder damage von juggling a set des elemental buffs, while Monks concern physical damage through a string von powerful combos.

Once you reach a certain point in the campaign, you tun können undertake a unique quest kommen sie unlock a job pertaining kommen sie your class. In order kommen sie meet these requirements, sie must zuerst increase two roles. Zum example, in order zu unlock the Paladin, sie must beef up the Gladiator job und Conjurer class. Her reward is a couple of creme abilities and the möglichkeit to undertake specialty armour, i beg your pardon makes the hard arbeiten worthwhile. Currently there room nine jobs in the game, with an ext expected to be included within the zuerst year des service.

There room absolutely no negative attached zu levelling many classes, und you tun können reach the maximum level bei each und every klasse if sie choose. Various other than simply unlocking jobs, the game rewards you zum levelling various other classes über allowing the use des cross-class abilities. This way that if sie unlock a particular skill weil das one class, you kann sein use that skill on one more class. This allows weil das a bit of playstyle customisation, and gives you a echt incentive to try out the other classes. Ultimately, if you decide that you want kommen sie play as the Archer klasse but also enjoy die ability zu heal yourself, you could level up the Conjurer job und share its heals, shields, and raise an abilities with die Archer class.


There are deshalb a multitude von crafting and gathering classes zu occupy your time wie man you require a change von pace. These sell yet an additional unique experience, as unlike compare games, this classes still use skills and even oase combos. When optional zum the many part, crafting und gathering are some of the far better sources des income later in the game, deswegen it"s a great idea zu at least give them a try.

Unsurprisingly, there zu sein no shortage von game content either. If out und about in the enormous world von Eorzea, cleverly called Full action Time events – or FATEs – appear. This offer assorted tasks, from simply slaying a boss to escorting NPC characters across dangerous environments. These offer huge experience bonuses und even minion rewards indigenous time kommen sie time. Outside des these sequences, you"ll deshalb have the möglichkeit to do standard quests or simply explore die map zu earn experience.

Dungeon instances room a huge part des levelling up and completing the story, too. The majority des these consist von slaying the almighty Primals of Final Fantasy. These battles space some of the most challenging and rewarding that you’ll find in any MMO, und were designed specifically kommen sie require a middle level von skill, concentration, teamwork, and knowledge, there is no being auch difficult weil das casual players.


For newcomers, there are Guildhests. These space training missions, i m sorry teach you die basics von playing bei a party, and provide new players v a safe way kommen sie learn their class roles without ns stress of higher level dungeons. As freundin level up, this Guildhests get more und more challenging, und generally just take a few minutes to complete.

If you"re a fans of previous final Fantasy games, you"ll find plenty of nods to the franchise everywhere. Native Cloud"s well known Buster Sword zu Limit Breaks and the soundtrack, this zu sein a little bit of in enthusiast"s dream. Ns title"s full des self-referential humour just about anywhere that you look, which wollen no doubt pleasure veterans.

As a result, the world ist beautifully crafted and offers some exceptional visuals und lush environments. Often times, you’ll capture yourself running approximately taking screenshots von all of the beautiful scenery und enemies. Die varying weather effects, beautiful lighting, and differing regions of the world truly carry Eorzea kommen sie life. Meanwhile, a fitting und alluring soundtrack complements ns experience perfectly.


Sadly, while die graphics are ausblüten beautiful, the PS3"s date hardware causes some significant issues. Often in crowded areas, ns enemies und NPCs möchte take a few minute to fill on screen. Elsewhere, a search may appear on die map, but die corresponding character will be nowhere to be seen, giving sie no selection but to gestanden around and wait until die asset loads, or watch elsewhere. This becomes specifically aggravating when dealing v multi-floor buildings, together running up and down die stairs only kommen sie find that ns required person isn"t home really bring away its toll.

Similar problems occur on die battlefield. You und your trusty Chocobo wollen regularly discover yourself running throughout what appears kommen sie be in empty ar when, out von nowhere, invisible adversaries will anfang to target und attack you. After ~ a few seconds, ns enemies will load und become visible, however this naturally makes sneaking approximately Eorzea difficult at times. The only solution zu sein to slow-moving down.

Worse still, an crowded areas, we encountered instances where die enemies simply failed kommen sie load punkt all. This is most prominent during FATE battles. You’ll seen other players und their pets attacking dünn air, but you’ll be unable to target enemies even if lock are at this time hitting you. This makes some sequences totally unplayable, which is a real belästigung considering how crucial FATEs are hinweisen levelling an additional classes.


The title"s framerate is also an issue in many situations. While die game runs weist around 25 to 30 frames-per-second weil das the many part, there are occasions whereby it will drop kommen sie near unplayable levels. An the previously mentioned FATEs, weil das example, it’s notfall uncommon for the framerate kommen sie drop well below ten frames-per-second, make these events unfairly difficult. This kann sein become problematic at points during required story instances as well.

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Another issue zu sein the lack of inhalt once you reach ns game"s level cap. Unless you want kommen sie repeatedly run a couple of instances in search des the finest gear, yes not much else kommen sie do. You’ll unlock a difficult Mode version von the Primal bosses that sie fought in the story, yet that zu sein about it. To be fair, these encounters are viel more difficult und still amazingly fun, yet they don’t market a vast amount von replayability.


Final Fantasy XIV: A kingdom Reborn is in excellent game, but it"s a bit too much zum the ageing PS3 to handle at times. If it"s outstanding that Square Enix managed kommen sie get ns title zu run on die ancient hardware weist all, it"s difficult kommen sie justify ns monthly fees if freundin plan kommen sie play exclusively on Sony"s console. Future expansions und patches will no doubt address some von the technical issues – and expand upon ns available content – however you"ll require plenty von patience zu play ns title bei its existing state. If you"re no hope to start your adventure bei Eorzea, you"ll it is in able kommen sie upgrade to die PlayStation 4 version free-of-charge – just don"t mean your experience on die current generation console zu be smooth sailing weist this stage.

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Comments (16)


Wed 18th Sep 2013

Great review. I"ll wait zu get this game.


Wed 18th Sep 2013

I knew over there had kommen sie be part technical problems on PS3 - it"s an ambitious game. Ich was tempted zu grab it, but notfall any an ext after analysis this. If I"m ever going to take the plunge it"ll it is in on PS4.


Wed 18th Sep 2013

ah FFXIV only the second FF i won"t own after FFXI, i refuse zu pay zu play a game I deshalb have to buy, If i buy the game that should be enough und charging about £12 a month ist bloody robbery


Wed 18th Sep 2013

Brilliant review, Nathan. It sounds like this ist a game that"s really going kommen sie benefit from ns PlayStation 4, yet kudos zu Square Enix weil das giving it a shoot on the PS3. I would it is in willing to give this a shoot if there was no monthly fee, yet it looks like die publisher"s going kommen sie stick with that model weil das the foreseeable future.

Will definitely give this a go should it ever get a free-to-play version an the future, though.


Wed 18th Sep 2013

Unfortunately I oase nowhere close zu enough totally free time to justify monthly subscriptions anymore. Yet if i didn"t have so many responsibilities ich would certain be everywhere this game.

Squiggle55 I"m on die same boat as you. I"d liebe to beat it, however I oase very wenig free time kommen sie play a video game like this...

Wed 18th Sep 2013

Yeah, PS3 version looks und plays like cheap port. Also, i think that user interface isn"t great enough zum consoles. And mostly made zum PC customers who prefer zu play with controllers.

ShogunRok if you buy die ps3 version von 35 dollars you wollen get ns Ps4 of 50 dollars weil das free.. If ich count it hoch you wollen save hoch to 15 dollars.

Melliw i agree that ns PC version ist probably the best MMORPG to date. Ns PS3 ausführung (which this review was based on) just suffers indigenous way auch many frustrating problems to be any more than "average" in it"s current state. Virtually all points were lost due zu issues with die PS3 port. I"m sure ns PS4 version will run viel smoother und make for a much better than average experience.

Gemuarto Honestly, ich find die interface works just as fine on PS3 together PC. A few tiny options are missing (split conversation windows) but zum the most part it"s every identical. A fast tip auch if ns resolution ist too low : tapping R3 in the HUD editor will toggle ns size des that HUD item. Default everything ist "medium" however switching to klein reduces die clutter and gives that more of a "1080p" feel.

Thu 19th Sep 2013

I tun können see this following gen ist all about massive RPG"s, MMORPG"s & MMO"s like ns crew, since thay"ve gott the power to carry out it jetzt with die PS4.

Thu third Oct 2013

I go ahead und bought it, its much better than defiance zum sure, as any FF fan this is clearly what around ns 8 mark. The lag zu sein the worst teil oh und the maintenance zu sein constant. Sure these are annoying, however again not enough zu warrant that a "5" . I am enjoying it relatively enough Ive had a few days on it. Go weil das the ps4 ausführung atleast if MMO"s space your thing

odd69 As much as zuerst impressions goes, it"s a brilliant game very early on, but ns game as a whole is far auch flawed zum me zu believe bei 8 "very good" is fair. Ns thing is, it it s okay worse and worse as sie progress in the video game on PS3. Sachen become more and more limited und you"ll gain more and more frustrated because ns hardware just doesn"t perform hinweisen adequate levels. If ns input lag ever it s okay addressed und when the order von importance about render is fixed (should be patched soon), it möchte be a much stronger PS3 title. Till then, computer or PS4 is the way kommen sie go. ~ above PC, it"s conveniently a few points higher.

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Thu 13th Feb 2014

Don"t listen to this review und just try ns game out zum yourself. A kingdom Reborn ist a an excellent game. Ideal RPG weil das PS3 alongside Skyrim and Fallout. I don"t recognize what this reviewer is thinking.

Mon 13th Jul 2015

DO notfall BUY FROM these PIECE des S**T THIEVES!!!! sie are FORCED zu pay EVERY MONTH to play! and they only inform you of this in the smallest print on the back of the game case. It division my heart to see my beloved FF sell out und screw the fans by not making a totally free server but that they practically HIDE the fact von subscription an such tiny publish that i had zu squint to read it!!! That is PROOF that their intentions room underhanded. If castle were moral it would certainly be make clear bei reviews and on the game situation itself! yet NOPE! They desire your MONEY and have no belästigung selling you a video game that you CANNOT RETURN after ~ opening and only after sie DOWNLOAD 32 GIGS bei UPDATES before freundin even gain to taste menu!!! It ist up kommen sie us kommen sie BLACK ball these devils and show them that ns true gamers will not be played and disrespected through such underhanded and sneaky methods! I am not kidding when i say that die "Subscription" warning is THE the smallest PRINT von all written on the game case! Even the health warning is in big shining letters since THEY carry out CARE around PROTECTING THEIR nennen BUT notfall TO it is in HONEST about WHAT is EXPECTED of LOYAL FANS! Please fellow FF fans... Join those von us trying to show these devils that us will not tolerate gift played und tricked über BLACKBALLING this product and writing evaluate stating the TRUTH!