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Google Chromecast

The ax Chromecast kann refer to two things:

a small device ($59 zum Chromecast; $98 zum Chromecast Ultra) that plugs right into the rückseitig of a TV and connects kommen sie your home Wi-Fi network. The built-in Chromecast function in some TVs (also known as google Cast). If her TV zu sein Chromecast-enable, you won"t need to buy a gadget. Do a net search for your TV"s brand und model to seen if it has this feature developed in.

Apple TV

Apple TV ($209) and Apple TV 4K ($249–279) arbeit best with iPhones, iPads und macOS lucidrhythms.computers, especially weil das local säule sharing.

Apple TV also has Apple"s Siri smart assistant built in, deswegen you kann sein control playback v your voice, but it lucidrhythms.comes v its own remote zum manual control, too.

Casting mobile photos to a TV

If you"re hosting a party, solemn event or desire to show off pics native a recent holiday, you kann sein share photos indigenous a smartphone or tablet with Chromecast or apfel TV.


Sharing photos through Chromecast

You möchte need:

android or iOS device with google Photos anwendung installed Chromecast

The most basic way zu share photos kommen sie Chromecast zu sein via google Photos apps – a cloud storage service with boundless space zum photos, despite it lucidrhythms.commonly lucidrhythms.compresses them kommen sie a slightly reduced quality than ns original.

offen the google Photos app und click thecast buttonin die top right und select her Chromecast device. Swipe your phone screen to change photos or, on bei Android device, click the three vertical dots in the top right and selectSlideshowfor automatic scrolling.
Sharing picture with apfel TV

You will need:

iOS device (iPhone or iPad) apple TV or apple TV 4K First, collection up in iCloud account weist or through the iCloud apps on your iPhone or iPad. You also need to oase set nach oben the sich entschuldigen TV using the sich entschuldigen ID as your iOS device, or in Apple i would you"ve set trost iCloud household Sharing with. When your photos schutz backed nach oben automatically kommen sie iCloud, open the Photos apps on the apple TV"s residence screen, select Turn on iCloud Photos if prompted, und your photos have to be visible.

create your very own media server

Media server software kann sein cast video saved zu your, or bei external storage drive plugged right into your, zu a TV or media streaming device.

Video from Mac to sich entschuldigen TV


You wollen need:

Mac apfel TV or apfel TV 4K

When casting video from a Mac"s warehouse drive, die easiest way is to share her iTunes library, which lasst uns you accessibility it indigenous your apfel TV menu.

in iTunes, clickFile, thenHome Sharing, thenTurn on home Sharing. On your apple TV, walk tolucidrhythms.computers, then select your At ns top of the screen, you kann sein see the type of media her Mac"s iTunes library ist sharing. Select what videobilien you want und it should anfang playing.

To add a video zu your iTunes library, clickFile,Add zu Library, then select die video file. Not all file types space supported über iTunes, so if your doesn"t zeigen up in the library, that"s probably ns reason. Anything bought or rented via iTunes möchte work.


Price:$6.50 per month. Some lucidrhythms.complimentary features.

You will need:

windows PC or Mac smart TV, Chromecast or apple TV

The Plex app for Windows und macOS instantly sorts movies und TV shows into genres, to add plot summaries to each video, and includes main pictures zum each movie or TV season.

Plex is free zu use if freundin only want a neat way of sorting media on her, but zu cast any videos longer than one minute sie need a Plex happen subscription – $6.49 per month, $49.99 von year, or $160 to buy the outright.

The Plex Pass so lets freundin use the android or iOS app.


Price: Free. Some paid attributes ($2 von month, $21 über year, or $49 for lifetime).

You will need:

fenstern PC or Mac with google Chrome internet browser installed Chromecast TV

Videostream share video to Chromecast durch the google Chrome internet browser, i beg your pardon you möchte need set up on your

You can so download the Videostream apps on android or iOS to control video playback or select new videos from her phone or tablet, dafür long together Videostream is open on her

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The paid ausführung unlocks ns ability to add subtitles und create playlists that auto-play die next video.

Chromecast and Apple TV alternatives

While we"ve shown some easy and popular methods zum screen casting, there room plenty von other media tools out there, aside from Chromecast und Apple TV.

Miracast, amazonas Fire Stick, und Roku are some other popular options. Some of these attach with different software, or work differently with your TV.

Likewise, a find of anwendung stores wollen turn hoch numerous various other apps that kann stream native kommen sie TV using the hardware detailed above and the same basic ideas.

How zu screen mirror

Screen mirroring ist technically not the exact same as casting, however it is another way of sharing inhalt from one device kommen sie another and the 2 terms are frequently confused.

When "casting" to another device, such as a Chromecast or sich entschuldigen TV, that machine takes over the arbeit of reflecting videos, picture or music. It"s as if your phone or tablet tells the Chromecast what kommen sie do, und then die Chromecast go ahead and does the legwork while die device you"re casting from acts together a far control.

"Mirroring" is like making use of your smart TV as a display for a phone, tablet, pc or Mac. This means die original device is ausblüten doing all the processing and its display usually needs zu stay on, which kann be a drain on ns battery. Usually, die receiving TV shows in exact duplicate – visuals and sound – des what"s on your broadcasting device. How mirroring is handled depends on i beg your pardon mirroring protocol you"re using, which device you"re broadcast from, und which clever TV or other device is acting as ns receiver.

Google actors Works v Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone und iPad (provisionally)

Google Cast ist built right into some clever TVs native many significant brands, including Sony, Philips, Hisense und Sharp, among others. You can deshalb buy a Chromecast or Chromecast extremistin dongle to add this functionality to a non-supported TV, or zu improve your experience if her TV"s google Cast functionality isn"t great.

While google Cast zu sein mostly designed zum casting media inhalt such as movies and music, it"s also one des the easiest means to spiegel a phone, tablet or system on her TV.

Android: On in Android device, open the google Home app und scroll till sie find your google Cast device. Select it, and at die bottom von the display screen hit Cast mine screen. Zu stop, go through ns same motions and select Stop mirroring. Some android devices so let you screen re-superstructure from die pull-down quick settings menu. On the default android operating system (OS), this settings option ist called display screen cast, but it could be called clever view, fast connect, smart share, or a number des other jene depending on i beg your pardon phone or tablet sie have. iPhone and iPad: iPhones und iPads require far-reaching effort kommen sie screen spiegel to a google Cast device. Freundin need to erste mirror her phone or tablet kommen sie a pc using bei app such together ApowerMirror, then mirror your kommen sie your TV. Basically, freundin need to make a spiegel of a mirror, i beg your pardon sacrifices part features and is far from optimal. Windows 10 and Mac: To mirror from fenstern 10 or macOS, you zuerst need a web browser that supports google Cast together as google Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge und other Chromium-based browsers. Best click bei a blank spot on a web seite or tab and select Cast. Freundin can also find the Cast option in the settings menu. Click Sources at ns bottom des the list, then choose betwee tab, desktop, und file. Casting the tab wollen only spiegel the present tab in your browser. This ist useful if you schutz sensitive die info on your system that sie don"t want kommen sie blow up on a huge screen. Desktop is a newer möglichkeit that will spiegel everything on your screen, despite if you oase multiple screens you kann sein only mirror one at a time. File zu sein a spreading solution that lets you play media or video on ns big screen; it"s not screen mirroring and the file types that work with it are limited.
Apple AirPlay works with apfel devices

AirPlay is an easy and high-quality screen mirroring protocol. Unfortunately, it tun können only be broadcast from apple devices, but some clever TVs can act together receivers. Apple TV set top boxes can so act together receivers.

iPhone and iPad: affix your iphone phone or iPad to the same network as your clever TV or apfel TV set top box. Open the Control Center – swipe down from the upper right edge of in iPhone x or later, or swipe trost from die bottom of in iPhone 8 or earlier – and tap ns Screen Mirroring icon. Select ns AirPlay receiver freundin want und follow any type of prompts that appear on her TV. Kommen sie stop mirroring, open Control Center again und tap Screen Mirroring, climate Stop Mirroring. Mac: Mac"s tun können use AirPlay to screen mirror or turn your TV right into a second monitor. Make sure your Mac ist connected to the same network together your clever TV or apfel TV set oberteil box, climate click die AirPlay icon an the menu gittern at die top des the screen. If freundin can"t seen the icon, walk to the Apple menu und select System preferences, then Displays, und then Show mirroring options in the menu gittern when available. Choose the AirPlay receiver freundin want und follow any type of prompts on her TV. Zu play with ns display settings, click ns AirPlay icon bei the menu riegel of your Mac and browse through die options. Kommen sie stop mirroring, click the AirPlay icon on your Mac and select Turn AirPlay Off. If you"re using in Apple TV, you can so press die Menu button on your remote.Miracast Works with Android, fenstern 10, iPhone and iPad (provisionally)

Miracast is built right into many smart TVs, yet it"s more von a hassle kommen sie set nach oben than AirPlay or google Cast and often a bit laggier. Together such, it"s a good backup if you can"t usage either von those 2 options, yet shouldn"t be your zuerst It so has restricted iOS support und Macs can"t use it without some significant techy finagling, making castle a non-option zum most people.

Miracast doesn"t need zu broadcast on ns same Wi-Fi network as the receiving smart TV. Instead, her phone, tablet or Wi-Fi supported creates a Wi-Fi straight connection between devices, without going durch your router. This has actually security benefits because you don"t need to let human being connect to your home Wi-Fi zum them to mirror their screen on your TV.

You could need kommen sie enable Wi-Fi straight or Miracast settings zum your TV or lucidrhythms.compatible set top box. How to do this varies, so have a poke around in your clever TV"s settings food selection or do a internet search zum your TV model und how to set that up weil das Miracast.

You tun können check with die Wi-Fi Alliance zum alist of Miracast-supported devices.

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Android: using Miracast on bei Android maker depends ~ above what call or tablet freundin have. You might be able zu connect via die Wireless display menu section in Settings. If this ist the case, go zu Settings, Display, und then Wireless display. Rotate Wireless display screen on and your android device should look zum a Miracast receiver. When your smart TV is found, insanity it kommen sie connect and follow any prompts that pop hoch on her TV. If your phone doesn"t oase default Miracast menu options, freundin might schutz to download a free anwendung such as Miracast for android to tv: Wifi display or screen MirroringorCast Phone zu TV – Castto, amongst others. If so, follow the instructions within the app to connect, but keep an mind that cost-free apps like this often kommen sie with ads. iPhone und iPad: apple products don"t oase native Miracast support, but there room some apps easily accessible on ns Apple anwendung Store. Windows 10: Most fenster PCs through Wi-Fi capabilities kann sein use Miracast. Niederdrücken the Start key und type in "Project zu a 2nd screen" und select die result. Your TV, if lucidrhythms.compatible, should nur up in the list. You can also choose to mirror your current display or use die TV as a 2nd screen if you"d choose some extra desktop space. If her search just returns "Projecting zu this PC", then you can"t use your fenster PC together a Miracast broadcaster.

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Wired connections

If freundin can"t screen spiegel wirelessly, you tun können connectdevices to your TV v a cable.

iPhone und iPad: sich entschuldigen makes its very own adapter ($75)to convert die USB ende of your Lightning charging cable into HDMI. Zum iPad jeden models, which schutz USB-C fairly than Lightning, you can buy the apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter ($99).You kann pick up cheaper ones made by third parties, yet beware von going auch cheap. Budget adapters are usually low price zum a reason and sometimes don"t work hinweisen all. Windows and Mac: Plugging a fenster or Mac into a TV zu sein the exact same as plugging them into a monitor. Ns cable you"ll need möchte differ based on ns ports your TV has actually available, and those top top your or Mac. Zum example, if your windows laptop has actually a DisplayPort port, but your TV only offers HDMI, then sie need a cable the has in HDMI plug hinweisen one end and a DisplayPort one at the other. Sie can also use an adapter, though we relucidrhythms.commend notfall buying a cheap one, as they will often break easily or not work weist all.