News of The World star helena Zengel states she “didn’t know” her new co-star tom Hanks was “a large deal”.

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The 12-year-old actor und Hanks star together in the neu cowboy film, which was released ~ above Netflix heute (February 10).

In die film, Hanks portrays Civil war veteran Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd as a cowboy journalisten who discovers a 10-year-old girl, Johanna (Helena Zengel), who’s come to be separated from herstellung adopted family, die Kiowa people, following an accident.

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Director paulus Greengrass said des the film: “News of The World zu sein set in a bile divided, attention world und it zu sein a journey von discovery zum both Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) und the girl, Johanna (Helena Zengel). Both personalities are lost in different ways and are searching zum belonging. That is what gives ns journey tremendous emotional power. Kidd and Johanna oase great adventures whilst overcoming good dangers, and ultimately, the film is about a journey in the direction of redemption.”

Helena Zengel und Tom Hanks an ‘News von The World’. CREDIT: Netflix

In a new interview with the gehört zu pa agency, Zengel claimed she was unaware of quite what a star her new colleague was, saying: “If sie had said ‘Tom Hanks is in another movie’, i would have known he’s in actor and I knew he was a bigger deal than some other actors, but ich didn’t quite understand that he’s a ja wirklich big deal.

“So, when i knew ich was going zu play die role, ich knew he’s bei actor, however then danach on ich learned he’s together a big actor and it was such in honour kommen sie work v him. He’s just great, he’s really nice and I was really impressed über him, he’s a gentleman.”

Reviewing the new film, wrote: “Though a gewächs of the movie is just walking and talking, riding and talking or just sitting and talking, News of The World never ever feels boring. And when die action scene do finally roll around, they’re more impactful for it.

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“Greengrass is known weil das meticulously building tension in heart-stopping thrillers prefer Captain Phillips and The Bourne Supremacy, and here that delivers more von the same. His latest might not be as scandalous as its tabloid namesake – yet it’s far much more worthy von your time.”

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