Fifty Shades Of Grey Hauptdarsteller


According kommen sie its publisher, at die spike of its popularity, 2 copies von E.L. James' 50 Shades von Grey trilogy were being sold every second. In accessible terms, that functions out to more than one hundreds million copies sold, to date.

Du schaust: Fifty shades of grey hauptdarsteller

Let's stay a assumed experiment. Imagine that—rather 보다 paper und ink—each des those publications were created of: a look of unabashed contempt; a single embittered sigh; an explicit request that audiences not see the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, vocalized by one of the movie's hauptsächlich stars. Imagine one hundred million pained expressions, one hundred million eye rolled, one hundred million uncomfortable pauses that peter out into one hundreds million tot silences.

You have imagined the press tour zum the upcoming film 50 Shades of Grey—by now firmly created as among ns most disastrous of the previous decade, if not dafür far this century.

The most glaring problem with the drücken sie blitz—currently several months underway, despite the film will not be released weil das another 2 weeks—is deshalb the many damning zum the upcoming film: simply put, romantic leads Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan do not like every other. Castle dislike other sachen as well—the press; sex; the film in which they are starring—but it zu sein clear your distaste zum each other is the most keenly felt of all.

Double Crap: Fifty Shades of Grey stars Can't Fucking stand Each Other

The history des cinema includes plenty of actors that hated each other off-screen, yet somehow…

A program visit kommen sie TODAY take away on ns excruciating air of a court-ordered couples treatment session. Ns experience of filming zu sein recounted Vogue an with a gravity generally reserved for describing a violent, horrific trauma.

It ist not an overwhelming to foto Dornan and Johnson luring one an additional into a "Red Room of Pain." that stretches die capacity of the imagination to think that both would emerge alive.

Perhaps ns most focused example of their shared repugnance is seen a current Q&A videobilien released in tandem with a Glamour hülle story, where fans—fans desperate zum the Q&A to be a funny activity, and, bless them, unflagging in their portrayal des it together a funny activity—ask the stern questions top top iPads:

The casual interview presents a number of apparently baffling questions to die pair of actors: "What's the sexiest weather?" ("...Rain…??"); "What ist the sexiest thing about women?" ("...Hair."); "What's the weirdest place you've ever before been ~ above a date?" ("I don't know.") ("I've never been on a date."). They struggle to name anything castle have in common v their characters. Castle struggle much more to kommen sie up with three positive words to describe one another, and they room visibly upset with each other's choices. Ns Q&A ist a capsule representing die entirety of the 50 Shades press tour: awkward, tense, und astoundingly bad at selling die movie, indigenous beginning kommen sie listless end.

Gunmetal Grey: "It was difficult, I'm notfall going zu lie. We absolutely fought..."


The film's romantic leader weren't die only two people on set who loathed one another. The movie's director, brunnen Taylor-Johnson, has been vocal about how she und E. L. James fought unending about her cinematic adaptation. Vanity Fair devoted a dual-profile zu their in-fighting.

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Sam Taylor-Johnson, Vanity Fair, januar 21, 2015:

"I maintained trying to remind myself the they rental me zum a reason. Some human being said zu me, 'I'm surprised freundin haven't quit.' ich was like, 'Why would sie think I'd quit?' ich never quit anything. Not without a fight." She admits, of James, "We combated all ns way through. She'd say ns same. There were hard times and revelatory times. There were sparring contests. It was definitely not in easy process, yet that doesn't mean kommen sie say that it didn't come out the right way."

Sam Taylor-Johnson, Porter, February 3, 2015:

"It was difficult, I'm notfall going kommen sie lie. We definitely fought, but they were creative fights and we would fix them. Us would oase proper on-set barneys, und I'm notfall confrontational, however it was about recognize a way bolzen the two of us, satisfying herstellung vision des what she'd written and my need zu visualize this person on screen, but, freundin know, we gott there."

Dishwater Gray: "It's not, like, a romantic situation...It's more like a task."


A recurring motif bei 50 Shades' press interviews is the concept that filming die movie's geschlecht scenes was not sexy, but uncomfortable, und choreographed to die point von absolute sterility. Of course this should be true. Couple of would mean that up-and-coming hollywood actors having actually pretend sex bei front des a film crew, over and over again, would certainly be anything however mechanical und awkward. But, zu rely deshalb heavily (even eagerly) on die unbearable aspects of filming ns erotic scenes weil das the romantic BDSM movie your advertorials space advertising ist a curious choice.

Dakota Johnson, TIME, February 2, 2015:

"Filming a geschlecht scene zu sein not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It's really hot—not in a steamy, sex-related way. It's nur sweaty and it's notfall very comfortable. And on top von that, my hands and legs to be tied, and I was blindfolded, and I was being hit through this bizarre tool. ... It was emotionally taxing. At erste I was like, 'Oh my God, this zu sein the worst point ever,' and then i was like, 'All right, let's acquire on through it.'"

Jamie Dornan, The Guardian, november 2, 3014:

"Anyone that thinks actors gain turned top top doing geschlechter scenes bei films is mistaken. There room dozens von hairy men stehen around, relocating cables und lighting equipment. That's notfall sexy unless you're right into being watched, which I'm not."

Dakota Johnson, Today, July 24, 2014:

"It's not, like, a romantic situation. It's more, um, like, technical und choreographed, and less—it's much more like a task."

Jamie Dornan, Today, July 25, 2014:

The reality of it is, like, burly einer you don't know very well 3 feet from your face, i beg your pardon isn't how freundin usually oase sex.

Dakota Johnson, Vogue, january 20, 2015:

I ausblüten can't look punkt it objectively or wrap mine head approximately it. Ns parts of the movie that are difficult zu watch were even an ext difficult—and emotionally taxing—to shoot."

Director sam Taylor-Johnson, Glamour, januar 30, 2015:

"Those job on set were calm, but sie could definitely feel tension."

Taupe Gray: "I had zu do ingredient to produziert that I'd never choose kommen sie do zu a woman."


Because 50 Shades von Grey is a sex movie, Dakota Johnson und Jamie Dornan have routinely been asked around sex. Because Dakota Johnson und Jamie Dornan seem zu dislike at least this specific sort of geschlecht (fake sex, with a person they hate, in a movie they made weil das a job they regret), castle routinely display discomfort (ranging indigenous wide-eyed confusion zu intense aversion) wie man talking around sex, an general.

Jamie Dornan, Glamour, january 30, 2015:

"Some von the Red Room stuff was uncomfortable. Over there were mal when Dakota was notfall wearing much, und I had to do ingredient to her that I'd never choose kommen sie do kommen sie a woman."

Jamie Dornan, Glamour, januar 30, 2015:

"The first day was kind of bei out-of-body experience. I got there und they said, "Action!" I'm like, "What die f—k is happening? I'm a dad. What?"

Dakota Johnson, Glamour, januar 30, 2015:

"I flourished up bei Colorado, und there space manly males there, so manliness is attractive kommen sie me. Ich think it's unsexy wie a einer chews with his mouth offen or wie man a man is rude or attract fedoras. Ich hate fedoras. Oh God, I can find an ext things ich hate about men than i like. I think it's nur a phase!"

Jamie Dornan, gq UK, january 6, 2015:

Your dignity is intact as viel as it's every tucked away in a little flesh-coloured bag... Together a guy freundin put all your essentials in a wenig bag and you tie it nach oben like a little bag of grapes und it's tucked away.

Jamie Dornan, Elle UK, january 2, 2015, on visiting a geschlecht dungeon:

"It was in interesting evening. Climate go back to mine wife und newborn baby afterwards … ich had a lang shower prior to touching either of them."

Beryllium Gray: "The chemistry, you'll see, is very viel there, and appropriate."


Because jamie Dornan und Dakota Johnson schutz appeared in photographs together und because ns 50 Shades of Grey trailer consists of (perhaps misguidedly) scene from the actual movie, 50 Shades von Grey's enthusiastic fans base has recently become aware that die pair lack ns chemistry necessary kommen sie portray two characters who want zu be roughly each other. They und director brunnen Taylor-Johnson have been aware von the major chemistry deficiency zum months. They recommendation it often.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, Today, July 25, 2014:

Natalie Morales: What ist it choose shooting together. I mean, is there that immediate chemistry?Jamie Dornan und Dakota Johnson: Natalie Morales: No. Freundin hate each other. Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson: Natalie Morales: He's hard zu work with?Dakota Johnson:

Sam Taylor-Johnson, Elle, january 12, 2015:

"The chemistry, you'll see, is very much there, and appropriate."

Dakota Johnson, Elle, january 12, 2015:

"I think are really sexy. People wollen be very happy." She pauses. "God, i hope so. Or we have a huge failure on our hands!"

Jamie Dornan, Today, July 24, 2014:

"Yeah, i mean, ich presume we , due to the fact that they made it happen with us."

A global rep, Us Weekly, October 24, 2014:

"No one should question die heat or intensity des our actors."

Sad, constant Gray Gray: "He has fans, I schutz no fans."


Neither Dornan nor johnson received a particularly warm welcome from 50 Shades von Grey fan when die casting for the film adaptation was announced. Indeed, Dornan was not even die studio's first choice for christian Grey—that was actor charlie Hunnam, that quit shortly prior to shooting. If you were aware von these developments, it's probably because sie heard about them directly from either jamie Dornan or Dakota Johnson. Castle talk about how much they space disliked all ns time.

Jamie Dornan, The Guardian, november 2, 3014:

"I bei der never going kommen sie please every 100 million civilization who read ns book. I'll be lucky if half that number are happy with me playing christian Grey. I know there are campaigns des hate against me already."

Dakota Johnson, Today, July 24, 2014, on even if it is it was intimidating taking part an adapting such a well-known novel:

"Uh, ich mean yeah, a wenig bit. But. Ich don't know. We'll see what think, ich guess."

Jamie Dornan, Elle, januar 12, 2015:

"The other day, this frau came up and started shouting punkt me, 'Matt Bomer's die real christen Grey,' " Dornan says. "And ich was like, um, okay."

Dakota Johnson, Today, July 24, 2014:

"He has actually fans, I have no fans."

Storm cloud Gray: "...I understand that's going to be disappointing zu some people."


These same one hundreds million super horny die-hard fans, that hate jamie Dornan and who despise her? Dakota Johnson, room expecting a certain level des sex and sexiness und specific, iconic, tampon scene from their Valentine's Eve film viewing. This is a level of sex und sexiness that everyone affiliated understands will not be met.

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Sam Taylor-Johnson, Variety, januar 20, 2015

" didn't make it into ns movie. It was never also discussed."

Jamie Dornan, The Guardian, november 2, 3014:

"There to be contracts in place that said that viewers wouldn't be see my, um…"

Todger? that laughs. "Yeah, mine todger."

Sam Taylor-Johnson, The Guardian, januar 31, 2015

"I didn't desire it to be graphically explicit, und I know that's going kommen sie be disappointing to some people."

Timberwolf Gray: "Think von Hitler!"


To amount up, in their very own words: jamie Dornan would like kommen sie point out that 50 Shades' success ist certainly unequal Hitler's success, in many ways. Dakota johnson would rather sie not lakers this movie.

Jamie Dornan, Elle, january 12, 2015:

"Mass appreciation doesn't always equate zu something good. Think des Hitler! But ich think, in this case, it must. It merely must."

Dakota Johnson, Glamour, january 30:

"But ich don't desire my family members to lakers , since it's inappropriate. Or mine brothers' friends, who ich grew up with. Ich think they'd it is in like, 'Blegh.' also there's part von me that's like, ich don't want anyone to lakers this movie. Nur kidding."

Author E. L. James, zum her part, zu sein pretending everyone möchte like ns movie.

E.L. James, Variety, january 20, 2015

"I'm pretty sure ns millions of fans who schutz the read the trilogy will think there zu sein enough sex."